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jov5HBmoanM well...
your google+ account is going away april 2

2WhmXJuJLoE I really enjoy the quite- and peacefulness around here.
TTZ1Yio4K8B ⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌
YHG3Bbp5PFR ♫.(◕∠◕).♫
LVzx9pgyroF ヾ( ̄◇ ̄)ノ〃
9DeYfYfgn9X (ꐦ°᷄д°᷅)
a7w1RRj3kdj ( ఠൠఠ )
9anANEPxkdp (/)(;,,;)(/)
Y8jWLty1L2f freakin g+ keeps me hanging with this (and there neither is a way to view nor to get rid of this notification which like totallly blows my inbox zero mantra)

eLHW1JavzTx Happy Leap Day!
5eV4YfwZEpr (a bit early for #caturday - but cats rock videos) Moe Tucker - Talk So Mean
3v8WSDcjRzn (if you are missing the circles (remember?) in the new G+ - you can reactivate them in the advanced settings)
advanced settings

SEE2DhNHKK1 a bit late for caturday, but groove is in the heart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaKCb4bZm1U (via bb)
934dQ9ZqRE7 a bit early for #caturday but here is a cat enjoying a banana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syfkpTqkx5I
DuaRxwXUQpd a bit late for #caturday - but if you've ever wondered: cat and pizza, what could go wrong?
XqPgz4fpUaX looking for google+? when you mouse over your name in the navigation bar (which formerly was linked to g+) google now will display a tooltip telling you where it has been hidden.
looking for g+?

STCR2KKZAmE a bit early for #caturday but cooperative cat is cooperative: Cooperative Cat Effortlessly Balances A Variety of Household Items On His Flat Furry Feet
MyFGqnMDyLw a bit early for #caturday, but "do not buy this, even for your cat." Mom gives her 16-year-old daughter's nipple-exposing crop top to cat
Wzrr34fRQmJ seems like Google has unlinked our names from our G+ pages.
saurier unlinked

VgqQ1cXx986 untested but looks like a game appropriate for #caturday: I can't stop collecting cats

from the poor man's attention trust recorder dept.: google now lets you export your search history. Export Google Search History
HEhKRDTwBZU I started both Gravatar and GitHub as side projects. Ask HN: Side Projects Gone Big
2aLmU3Yye7z from the post standing desk dept. Super Gorone Desk - Use a Computer Lying Down.
YwuM1EDAozF (this pinning thingy adds a new layer of complexity for indecisive folks)

dmF9XjtXhQu a bit late for #caturday but I hope you will forgive me: cats with cartoon eyes

Jd4YL1SvwJt oh, seems like they've sunsetted keinegeisterstadt.de (which was a site dedicated to promoting that G+ is no ghost town.)
fu8CHb3SrHq finally I've got an inbox invite - and now I'm too scared to activate it.
MsZ1DEqcgTn is anyone still using ello.co?
MtgyXj6bfkt google is no fun anymore. Google Maps euthanizes Auckland cat
LK2FG1FjPiY couple of cute ideas for halloween snacks
iuX7XkH4qR6 trending shots with iphone 6
2dBGDCcsFeG a bit early for #caturday but a cat+ within a circle might make for a justifiable exception.
g4uo5AYTJzb oh, Gmail has added a new G+ share button right at the top. Actually might be quite useful for resharing emails with cat content since you can drag and drop the content directly from the email. Like so: Smart Cat.
Uzgdocj57T6 action heavy #caturday MAMMA KITTY COMES TO THE RESCUE
aQ4yXiaxQbK obsessive compulsive #caturday
Hacecw1J4Ew #caturday hug edition Cute Cat Hugs Doll
9W328gb6LA6 No new mail! No starred messages. You don't have any saved drafts. No conversations in the Trash. Hooray, no spam here!
DTp8p4pXNRU (post #caturday ; ht @random101) 25 Awesome Furniture Ideas For Cats And Cat Lovers | Cat Burger Bed
hmKa4Gf4r4K (a bit late for #caturday but we don't see dogs reborn as cats every day)
YD7jMWtK5aV "You survived as an artist for 13 months and produced 8 art works." ** ARTIST SURVIVAL SIMULATOR **
DptQtvMJZoD (a bit early for #caturday but cute) This Cat Has the World's Most Interesting Face
6D4sAaziirK Here is the schedule:

Week 1: Twitter Sentiment Analysis (Python)
Week 2: In-Database Analytics (SQL)
Week 3: MapReduce Concepts and Algorithms (Python)
Week 4: (Optional) Large-scale data processing in the cloud (Pig, Hadoop, AWS)
Week 5: Supervised Learning Roundup (R)
Week 6: Visualization (Tableau and/or Javascript/D3)
Week 7: Kaggle Competition"

(in week 4 you'll process 1TB of data on a cluster of 20 machines, costs on AWS should be < $5)

Introduction to Data Science
b2JiHeZeQEa (another plot twist)
fskV3EzMmu9 (teaming up with google might be the best shot udacity has left)
XxtEzWdTEo7 the point is I got it.
aFH9GGe3cxf can't wait to connect my fitbit to google.
dgiPgXbsMc2 hannibals cat (parental advisory)
bDRQwury2EE most useless cat
NLESETvSXhr (nur ein kleines modell, warum es (nicht nur von ihm) im ohrensessel ausgedachte paneuropäische medien eher schwer haben werden:

stellen wir uns menschen als punkte in einem koordinatensystem vor, die ihre interessen reflektieren.

und nehmen wir an, dass sie egoistisch/rational ganz einfach die medien konsumieren, die ihnen am nächsten kommen (und deren sprache sie verstehen).

für medien bedeutet das, dass sie versuchen müssen, den abstand zwischen sich und möglichst vieler dieser punkte zu minimieren. ihr grundproblem ist also eine mediale lineare regression.

je paneuropäischer das angebot aber sein will, desto grösser wird natürlich die varianz, weil die streuung - also die erfahrungen, geschichten, kulturen, milieus, etc. - unterschiedlicher wird. und je höher aber der durchschnittliche abstand zum paneuropäischen medienangebot wird, desto grösser wird wiederum die wahrscheinlichkeit, dass ein regionales oder nationales medium einfach viel näher liegt und also vorgezogen wird.)
c8aNwqiHXqt 'tis folly to be wise. #caturday What if the human is not my pet but I'm his?
6p8hqS3KJam productivity lessons from #caturday
68hrMWTAAHF (background sound probably dubcat) When the beat drops
axeA8znMfEa rubik's cube 40 doodle
QXfdadNk7df The Isolator - a "helmet invented in 1925 that encourages focus and concentration"
LKeZ5arBDc5 Sebastian Thrun from +Udacity sez: "We learned we can drastically boost learning outcomes by adding a service layer around MOOCs. It has a huge impact on completion rates and learning outcomes."

It's weird that a statistician confuses correlation (people who enjoy our new 'service layer' have a higher completion rate) with causation (they have a higher completion rate because this 'service layer' helps them learning and mastering the certificate) and is completely oblivious to the obvious confounding variable - money.
VwDaL6wZpqa cats in space #caturday
NDDHHZcmygp stretch- and flying objects #caturday
GFNHJe5G9j3 consistency #caturday Cat missing
iRLfC8N3ggY oh noez #caturday
U1BKwmvMht4 has anyone already discovered the revival of the stockholm syndrome in MOOCs? It seems like the worse the course or the instructor, the more devotional the justifications of some classmates. (which obviously makes sense since some moocs are a huge investment in personal time and energy and it's much better to have a good feeling about the course; nobody wants to waste their time or suspect that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence)
JTNA3TwwX8m another post gravity cat #caturday "Creativity takes courage." -- Henri Matisse
8P3sYyPwBiJ jeez human.. #caturday
ecZFHmBwiHD since everybody seems to be rip-ing and/or reminiscing G+ today a link to my first take on it 6 days after its launch in 2011 (they never fixed the cardinal flaw in the social design - i.e. the 'paranoid asymmetry' of the circles -, they probably never even got it) Im Namen des Kreises
Czeh4NRr2Fu I recommend this http://youtu.be/KZaz7OqyTHQ?t=24s or this http://youtu.be/nZmhQSNpTJM as soundtrack. #caturday Cats that suck at jumping.
QyNiBvedq5o (second order #caturday)
d9373PKRFKV never seen before: google search just gave me a recaptcha puzzle to solve after 8 or so pretty basic searches (which I just refined quickly since the initial results have not been great)

(btw: iagszh was wrong)

h6rLXhxoaeu cat for massive fitbit scores #caturday
5jAaX8pBwiu post gravity #caturday
NGimvAxPPcm another metaphor for everything #caturday
bqYr32iuyBn I'm still hanging in there...
(this MOOC is phantastic and a benchmark in terms of production value and implicit humour for all future classes to come)

Bwyqw8FTWKH (the ironic twist in this story is that the author's perception of big data itself is based on a recursive convenience sample, i.e. only reading other journalist's not always highly informed perception)
8TXzr6PPwsu Parkour Pt. 2
jXHeEUtR1HK Parkour Pt. 1
S6Tk5J1cbYT cat with clarity and focus
Z5KP5RfGozm lacanian cat anticipating #caturday
5P3XnKU1mNU omg, G+ does provide a simplistic activity log where you can find your previous 1's: https://plus.google.com/u/0/apps/activities

(spotted by Patrick Kollitsch )
RXBJ4xQ8cEq my semiannual prayer to the gods of +Google+ : it is utterly ridiculous and borderline pathetic that - after almost three years - it's still not possible to access one's very own +1's on gplus.