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Magic Data Cleaning

(hab endlich eine einladung für bard bekommen, find ich nach einer frage gar nicht schlecht. in seiner betonung auf das cleaning trifft er den ursprünglichen spirit von ihr gar nicht schlecht)

Here are some tips for applying Marie Kondo’s philosophy to data cleaning:
• Start by decluttering your data. This means getting rid of any data that is no longer useful or relevant to you. You can do this by going through your data and deleting anything that you don’t need.
• Organize your data. Once you have decluttered your data, it’s important to organize it so that it’s easy to find what you need. You can do this by creating folders and labels for your data.
• Clean your data. Once your data is organized, you can start cleaning it. This means removing any errors or inconsistencies in your data. You can do this by using a data cleaning tool or by manually cleaning your data.

☍ 16.04.2023 # ai