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BBCan 4 Think Tank BBCan 4 Think Tank - Fun episode. I really like Jordan's idea - it probably would attract those who just enjoy playing the game and it'd be great to see the rather strategic B-list fight for their spot. It actually also might be a suitable place for Tahan's twist (which probably is not the best idea for the main show since it, cough, naively assumes that most members of the jury have some sort of interest in picking the strategically most deserving winner, but it might work in a condensed preseason) so throw those two together.

Regarding the revolt: it only makes sense to join the rebellion, if a player is closer to both nominees than to the HOH - but this condition needs to be true for every other player too. If the HOH has only one 'friend' there will be no revolt.

If the HOH indeed has no friend at all, it would be a waste of a vote to revolt, because he obviously is no threat and can easily be taken out next week (buying everyone another week) or can be used as a pawn, as the perfect goat, etc.

It also does not really make sense to try to pull some brilliant gheeslingian move on the revolt, since the effect of the blindside boils down to one nominee being voted out - but if you want him gone just vote him out. It's easier and far less risky to find a simple majority than to orchestrate and blindsite an unanimous revolution.

(the twist is also self-destructive, even gullible recruited players will not fall for a blindside twice)

Having said that I agree that it's a fun idea, maybe it could be introduced in the context of some Marsha the Pandora situation which is limited to a week or two. If they don't have time to reflect and depending on the constellation it might be good tv.
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