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Chris Soules Rejected Women Tell All Chris Soules Rejected Women Tell All - Britt really blew it. All she had to do was being humorous about her own behaviour in her last episode, sit back and let the other girls look like the jealous idiots they have been towards her.
Even the crowd currently cheering for Carly for going after Britt might have been able to accept her behavior as emotional reactions in the heat of the moment - unlike the other girls she never was mean to them and her main mistake was to be demanding of Chris (who does she think she is?).
But trying to take over the show based on still being madly in love with a guy who dumped her based on mere hearsay, who on second thoughts is not that great of a catch after all and who actually has picked another girl months ago really made her look like a fool and emotional wreck.
Kaitlyn is quick on her feet, great fun, super cute and a brilliant narrator - but I wonder whether she can carry a show as the singular love interest. She really was awkward to watch and completely fell apart once Britt was gone.
Anyway, loved your podcast and your snarky but just comments. This was the first season I've watched the bachelor and it was you who kept me going 'till the end.
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@RHAPRecapper: Thanks so much, hackr – that really is what it comes down to about Britt, no sense of humor about any of it! I think having to juggle 25 men will keep Kaitlyn on her toes an able to carry a show. I know people were concerned about Jillian being the Bachelorette she was one of my faves and has some similarities to Kaitlyn.