woanders ist es auch schoen

109834579042051495 109834579042051495 - @marcelweiss I was hoping Google beats them to the punch (e.g. one-click mastodon instances hosted for free on some fedispot domain etc. unfortunately the community would freak out)
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@marcelweiss Cloudflare launcht seinen Mastodon/ActivityPub-Server: “Wildebeest serves two purposes: you can quickly deploy your Mastodon-compatible server on top of Cloudflare and connect it to the Fediverse in minutes, and you don’t need to worry about maintaining or protecting it from abuse or attacks; Cloudflare will do it for you automatically. Wildebeest is not a managed service. It’s your instance, data, and code running in our cloud under your Cloudflare account.”

@marcelweiss all the big tech cos who are not Meta are going to do something in this vein. the hobbyist hardcore-fedis can freak out and/or defederate. but they most likely won’t be able to stop this. it’s a protocol with momentum now.