woanders ist es auch schoen

1541358253950570496 1541358253950570496 - @marcelweiss I think you could easily settle this debate by spotting a single example of a 'good' usecase. win a golden star for providing a statistically relevant number of usecases. I don't think many people make the claim that it's theoretically impossible)
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@marcelweiss you can build good and bad things with the same database technology

@marcelweiss It‘s like a rorschach test. You don‘t even see how you separated in-use database tech into two groups based on a criteria that makes no sense. :) (I could provide that, but it‘s fool’s game doing that on twitter. watch for the next neunetzcast to drop tho‘)

@marcelweiss (also, the loudest voices against the database absolutely make the case it‘s theoretically impossible. they may weasel around here or there with words, but it absolutey, without a doubt, is the position they message. and that‘s sad and funny at the same time.)