woanders ist es auch schoen

1178640089666215936 1178640089666215936 - (it's not that hard; the obvious similarity: both trigger a vector of new possibilities, the world as is will need to readjust. but the vectors are different (with the internet being exponentially more powerful while still having to be absorbed by the pace layers etc.))
# systemtheory

@stalfel For a long time, I thought that it makes sense to draw the parallel between the print and the internet “revolution” (fully aware that it also led to the extreme violence of the reformation and the 30 years war). That’s standard media theory. But I’m less and less convinced.

@stalfel Yeah, but the question of what happens when you introduce ecosystem turbulences, rather than “just” cultural ones, opens very different perspectives. Hence, I think we would be lucky with “just” a 30 years war! The parallel (we will adjust out over time) might be too optimistic.