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1065015646000504832 1065015646000504832 - @benedictevans ios and chromeos are both rather regressive/idiotic oses - but there still is a functional abstraction layer for freedom which usually is overlooked.
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@benedictevans The fundamental difference between old model and new model computing: when I visit my parents I wonder why their computer slowed down and spend 15 minutes stopping printer drivers & Adobe updaters from auto-running on startup, and on iOS/ChromeOS you don’t have to do that.

@benedictevans A lot of the shift from old model to new model computing is getting rid of the clerical work, fiddling and maintenance your computer needs to keep it running properly, and getting rid of ways that you can accidentally break things.

@benedictevans The professional computing class sometimes likes this fiddling, calls it ’control’, and say iOS or ChromeOS remove your freedom. But this is often the freedom you give up when you press a button to warm your home instead of choosing how many rooms you’ll light a fire in tonight

@benedictevans “GUIs are regressive and idiotic and command lines are freedom”