woanders ist es auch schoen

971309091829280770 971309091829280770 - @carstenpoetter der grundfehler ist, das ├╝ber ein 'winning' zu framen
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@carstenpoetter “already winning”, da bin ich mir nicht sicher, aber Podcasting geht in eine gute Richtung.

RT @marcoarment Podcasting is already the future, and present, of the creation and consumption of spoken-word audio. We need none of these things, and we need none of the proprietary platforms that try to bring those things. Podcasting is already winning, using the power of the open web.

RT @Justin_Thiel We need some serious movement with a tv show style format coming to podcasting and a platform that supports a revenue model of paying per subscription/show, with the content creator setting the price… Then podcasting could become the future of content creation and consumption.

RT @davewiner Why podcasting is growing so fast.
1. You don’t need permission.
2. You are free to experiment.
3. There is no gatekeeper on subscriptions.