woanders ist es auch schön

786215132758028290 786215132758028290 - @jordanparhar alexkidwell sucking kneecaps much? I appreciate politeness to guests, but no LFC can claim priority of strategy after this.

@jordanparhar Come hang with us as we talk BB18 with elfitvic

@alexkidwell: I’m sorry. Did you expect us to invite a guest onto the show just to bash him?

@hackr: there is a broad journalistic/analytic spectrum between bashing and challenging a little bit and sucking kneecaps

@hackr: do a drinking game for the # of times you mentioned that america loves him and you will be drunk by minute 25.

@alexkidwell: lol ok, fair enough.

@hackr: having said that, love you guys (RQ seinfeld on curb your enthusiasm)