woanders ist es auch schön

Live bbcan4 May 8th Live bbcan4 May 8th - I think you are sleeping on Kelsey; she obviously does not play the game the way you guys would like to see, her willingness to sacrifice her life for Jared is the cardinal sin of bb, her occasional illusions of grandeur don't help make her a character you are rooting for to win either, etc. - but she did come up with her own framework she is consistent to, she is very observant, she studies a lot, she has a good recollection of conversations, and she is actually quite rational when arguing about past events and seeing the POVs of other players when explained.

At the same time you are way too bullish on Cassandra. She is good tv and she knows how to rock the diary room (even if she seems to become a bit repetitive and a one trick pony, imo), but the reason she is going to be evicted over Tim (who is a way bigger threat) is, that she was not able to adapt to the judgement-system of Kelsey. Tim was able to provide a consistent and acceptable narrative of his game to Kelsey (and those brothers) and Cassandra simply wasn't.
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