woanders ist es auch schoen

st095-petition-stop-the-discontinuation-of-free-certificates st095-petition-stop-the-discontinuation-of-free-certificates - The difference between you providing hours and hours of free online support and Udacity might be scale. Once a course is created, hundreds of thousands of learners - e.g. CS 101: "Join 337,087 Students" - can enjoy it at marginal costs of maintenance for Udacity. Hence the alternative to their new model is not necessarily shutting down, but to find a better model.

(I'm currently taking a course on Coursera and out of about 6,000 students who completed the course 25% (1,500) opted in for the 'signature track' for a verified certificate netting Coursera 75,000 for the first run alone)

I'm not in their shoes and they definitely have good reasons for taking this approach, but I have to agree with Anurag, outside of the US $150/m does not look like a good deal given all available alternatives.
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