woanders ist es auch schön

YuL2Re2AYZm YuL2Re2AYZm - A few weeks ago YouTube added 'collections' to manage your subscriptions.
I wonder why they did this when they think this is an old fashioned mode for consuming media and clearly not the way to go forward (which was the explicit reason to kill off #googlereader given from Google to Wired .)
Google Reader was tool to subscribe to feeds and manage them in collections and read the articles at your leisure.
YouTube is a tool to subscribe to channels and manage them in collections and to watch the videos at your leisure (and to publish your own videos).
If it is kinda lame to read the articles on your own terms because we consume news in bits and bites throughout the day based on our timeline and Google's insights now, as they say, then why is Google implementing and expanding this deprecated structure in YouTube?
Why isn't Google killing subscriptions and collections in YouTube too, since it just could serve users a random stream of viral videos, or videos posted by their friends, or great according to some algorithm based on some secret Google juice?