woanders ist es auch schoen

jFBmfUHYQan jFBmfUHYQan - (btw: does anyone else have problems sharing via Google Reader? it stopped working for me /* the popup comes and automagically disappears a few seconds later; if I submit fast it doesn't make it to G+ */ but a few sites are a bit sluggish for me today)
# googlereader

you mean this button with the zero beside? ;)

those who reshare the doodles with it for sure…

(but on a technical note: if they proactively work on decoupling it, there might be some chance that they open source it or the like, since they just could phase it out w/o any work)

I’m not hopeful.. but if they throw out all non essential and social stuff like recommendations, trends, etc. maybe they could make it run on Google App Engine, maybe with a shared infrastructure for fetching and caching the feeds or the like. they still have a few outs ‘til july.