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owe as in beer

Do You Owe Someone A Beer? is a fun IOU system built on Twitter that helps you
track who you owe beers to (and vice versa). All you have to do is
follow the account “ioubeer” and then send it @replies. So, say
you owe me a beer for helping you change a flat tire, this is what
you’d send to Twitter:
@ioubeer @biz for helping me change that flat tire
Then, your IOU will show up on the front page at
There’s even a way to tell it when that beer has been redeemed.
I think a root beer version is in the works. Maybe even a latte
version? Those are foamy too. Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits design
is the mastermind behind this fanciful creation. We think it’s
really cool. Thanks Dan, we owe you a frosty one!

(aus dem twitter newletter)

☍ 09.11.2007 # twitter
ich verwende das kommentarsystem disqus, mit dem man mit verschiedenen accounts oder als gast (option 'I'd rather post as a guest') kommentieren kann. es wird erst nach dem klick eingebettet, bei bedenken bitte erst nach zurkenntnisnahme der (datenschutzinfos) kommentieren.