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Pro7Sat.1 Takes Over MyVideo

German television and media group Pro7Sat.1 have purchased the remaining 70% of video sharing site MyVideo for 19 million Euro in July after their initial investment in September 2006.

The deal was hardly noticed, hat tip to Digitale Tage for digging this up in the semi-annual report for shareholders:

myVideo is supposed to be one of the most interesting websites currently available on the internet. On myVideo regular people share selfmade short films, music videos or holiday videos, so called user generated content.
according to iVM myVideo had 36.11 million visits and 618.4 million page impressions in July.

I can’t tell how many of them are generated using tactics like injecting them at popular portal web.de, but regarding to PIs MyVideo is Germany’s biggest video sharing site, the figures have been stable since February though.

The complete lack of imagination to leverage the platform for anything but sexy and funny stuff is amazing. Germany’s largest television network has Germany’s largest video sharing site at its strategic disposal and all they have come up with so far is a weekly television show called Die MyVideo Show which runs since January on Sat.1 which presents the funniest videos from MyVideo users on the television side and a few special channels on MyVideo which largely provide two minute clips from a few television shows.

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In related news Pro7Sat.1 acquired a majority of knowledge community wer-weiss-was about a week ago (announcement). At a larger scale they are about to acquire SBS Broadcasting Group for 3.3 billion Euro.

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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