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Greenmiles: Travel Emission Free

greenmiles logo We all know that it is getting hot in here. Even if global markets are usually very good at creating opportunitites from catastrophes, for the time being we probably can’t rely on local governments on taking a stance at environmental issues. The catch all phrase for avoiding any unpopular measures which might affect national markets is usually globalisation (we won’t be competitive any more, lose jobs, etc.)

Hamburg based greenmiles lets you do something to compensate the carbon dioxide emissions you create when travelling.

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greenmiles is basically a marketplace for personal greenhouse gas emissions trading. A calculator tells you the amount of CO2 your trips – by car, train, bus or airplane – generate and how much money it would take to become environmentally clean when it will be invested in environmental projects. All supported projects have been carefully selected and are registered with the UN, the process is certified by the TÜV-agency.

screenshot greenmiles
screenshot greenmiles

Example: a round-trip flight from Frankfurt to London generates 323 kg of carbon dioxide, it would take about 8 Euros to compensate these emissions.

I don’t know whether donations made on greenmiles will be fully tax-deductible in Germany, but even if not it might become a smart way for companies to promote their willigness to engage to the public, their customers and employees.

For founder Sven Bode traveling carbon free is just the beginning. He hopes to become the market leader for a green way of living in Germany by supporting the compensation of events, organisations or households (see an interview with Sven Bode in German.)

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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