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DaWanda Launches Style Lab

dawanda logo Busy times at DaWanda – Germany’s marketplace for handmade products. DaWanda recently had a major overhaul adding new shop profiles layouts, shop categories for sellers, pinboard, lists, trends for items and improved search. The most compelling new feature is DaWanda Coloranda which finds items based on colours you can specify.

This weekend [in German] DaWanda launched the DaWanda Style Lab.

In the Style Lab you are the designer! Create products with your own individual style and have them made to measure.

You start by choosing an existing model. Depending on the attributes of the product you are given a variety of options to customise it to your liking. It is also possible to attach notes or to contact the producer directly if you really want to go fancy.

screenshot dawanda
screenshot dawanda
screenshot dawanda
example: handbag Mia before and after the makeover)

Hand made mass customisation is an interesting twist in the realm of mass customisation / social shopping, empowering both the sellers and the buyers and building a relationship between them. Hobbyist producers can professionalise and start making a living if there is a demand for their models, buyers still purchase hand made uniques.

DaWanda launched in December 2006 and initially focused on the European market (Germany, France and the UK). It is competing with Etsy in the US. DaWanda has received funding from Holtzbrinck and Spreadshirt earlier this year.

On a sidenote: Holtzbrinck’s archrival Burda – which also runs the social sewing site burdastyle – has invested in Etsy in July 2007.

(This article originally was written for blognation Germany. Since blognation is gone I have reposted it here)

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