die romantische komödie


dumping bookmarks spread around in various browsers (safari, firefox, camino, flock) into delicious or ereasing them.

effect: I’ve really got them collected and organised at one place, can access them whenever I need from wherever I am. trust is increased (before I never really knew). duplicates are removed.


collecting all todos spread around various todo listing services; wrote down each todo as a next action note

effect: awareness of the problems related to an inconsistent collection scheme. if you spread your items all around the web, there just is no trust in being able to find them anymore.

the importance of breadcrumbs for tracking these kind of stuff.


scanned all texts spread around various wikis, both external and locally hosted, blogs, both external and locally hosted, and other text processing tools on the web (writely, writeboard, basecamp, …)

deleted a lot of stuff which just doesn’t apply anymore, unified some stuff to one instiki, breadcrumbed a few texts where it makes sense to keep them there.

meta 19.06.2006 #