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Interpenetration II

Google Research hat wohl einen Prototypen entwickelt, der auf Basis des eingebauten Mikrophons die aktuell im Hintergrund laufende Fernsehsendung erkennt und diesbzgl. kontextuelle Werbung / Infos anbietet, etwa (siehe TechCrunch)

  • Personalized information layers – Here’s what Tom Cruise is wearing in the show you are watching and here’s where you can buy the same clothes in your zip code.
  • Ad hoc social peer communities – If you would like to chat about this show, ten of your college friends are watching it right now as well.
  • Real-time popularity ratings – Nielsen requires hardware and the results aren’t available in real-time. You might want to know if there is a spike in viewers watching the show on channel 9 right now. Advertisers might want to know that too.
  • TV based bookmarks – Click to save a show or clip into your video library and there will be more than just a few shows available for watching later.
meta 10.06.2006 /via @techcrunch #