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Internet Bibliothekare

Was halten die Bibliothekare vom Web 2.0?: So, what’s new with Internet Librarians?

Elsewhere, librarians discussed creating online library catalogs that allow patrons to tag, comment, review, share, recommend, and otherwise create a virtual community around records in the catalog. Imagine browsing through a library catalog and seeing other people’s reviews or recommendations for similar items. Sounds like what happens on many Web sites now, places like Yahoo! Local, My Web 2.0, Flickr, Furl,, etc.

… My main take-away was that some librarians feel the major search companies are helping improve access to information, while other librarians are concerned about the monopolization and commercialization of information. This was particularly evident in the sessions and hallway conversations I heard about digitizing books

☍ 14.11.2005 # library
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