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China 2.0

Rebecca MacKinnon hat vor ein paar Tagen einen interessanten Eintrag zum Thema Web 2.0 in China gepostet: Chinese Bloggers: ‘Everybody is Somebody’

The Chinese economy functions today (to the extent that it does) thanks largely to personal relationship networks: networks that enable people to get stuff done despite bone-headed regulations, politics, logistical obstacles, and everything else. You are nothing in China – and can accomplish very little – without a good “guanxi” network. Expect Chinese internet users to seize upon Web 2.0 tools as a way to expand and deepen their human relationships, enhancing both personal lives and businesses. Expect Chinese users build new tools that suit their own preferred ways of communication. The Chinese are likely to have a growing impact on the evolution of web applications.

Im MoMB gibt es heute dazu ein China Special.

☍ 10.11.2005 # china
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