woanders ist es auch schoen

1178698585065639936 1178698585065639936 - @marcelweiss dunno, I don't think they are that stupid. they just wanted (and got) a political in for infinite complaining, demanding and prohibiting.
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@marcelweiss this is a very good point. #lsr RT baekdal This is a common problem we see today. Publishers don’t understand scale. Yes, Google is big, but they are not big ‘per site’. In other words, if you divide up Google’s revenue across all the sites it sends traffic to, it amounts to practically nothing.

@marcelweiss Both can be true (and most likely are tbh)

@marcelweiss It‘s not (solely) stupidity btw, it‘s vanity.

@hackr my best guess is insanity (norma desmond in sunset blvd)…