woanders ist es auch schoen

1059453397013880834 1059453397013880834 - (nts: this is a weird thread with lots of projections and non sequiturs, but a brilliant casestudy for the recalibration of social capital as an inverted s-curve)
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@benjamin By „Typing speed“ I mean, you got most business-critical factors figured out, only thing more or less missing, is execution. In the rare case this applies to your product, then yes, go ahead, be a shit umbrella for your team. If not, then read

@polotek Please stop spreading this nonsense. Listen y’all. Don’t work for managers who don’t want you to know what the hell is going on around you.

@benjamin Do you mean my “two-tweets thread” or Marko’s? Also, not sure what you mean how to apply/invert the s-curve concept to social capital. Would love to have a pointer there.

@hackr JF’s tweet is a pretty harmless no brainer. 8 years ago most people would have had some sort of trust in his value system since 37signals kinda invented this type of management; but his ‘social capital’ obviously has vanished and everyone projects his very own interpretation.

@benjamin … while I don’t agree with your first sentence there, I understand your point. IMO this type of mgmt was new 10+ years ago & got followed cause it was new. (Some) ppl since then have learned it solves some problems but creates others, while JF still touts same ol’ horn.