woanders ist es auch schön

BB20 | Wednesday Finale Episode Recap Sept 26 BB20 | Wednesday Finale Episode Recap Sept 26 - but why is Dr. Will coming in to moderate a panel where the jury is encouraged to appreciate good game play? If voting is just about liking one player more than the other this segment and even the jury questions would be unnecessary and everyone just votes with his guts.
I overall agree with you though, but evaluating the what and how of a player should not be binary but on a scale. It's perfectly fine for jurors to have their own red lines and if they are crossed the vote is lost (swearing on the bible to a religious person like Dan, being a total jackass like Paul, ...), but being aware of the fact that one player clearly was the mastermind and still vote for the other even if you don't really like him just since he too got you out I'd still consider bitter. 'Will you be a bitter juror or will you vote for the better player?' is also the returning question from Ika in the preseason interviews.
(there also seem to be a couple of generally accepted reasons (alliance member, showmance, ..) for voting for the worse game player)
Anyhow, Tyler dropped the ball with Scottie himself. If he didn't ignore him the whole week, maybe even if he'd changed his gbm to "Scottie, our friendship was real, but I've got two secrets: I'm a superfan like you and I've been in an alliance with Brett, KC and Angela since week 1. I'm sorry but I could not tell you and I hope you understand that I had to vote you out again" he probably would have gotten his vote and won.