woanders ist es auch schön

BB20 | Monday Morning Live Feeds Update Sept 24 BB20 | Monday Morning Live Feeds Update Sept 24 - Wow, what a rundown.
But I think Taran gets one fundamental thing wrong in his final assessment of Tylers gameplay (has a great social game but lacks the strategic ability of top tier players, does not create logical arguments to persuade people but has to rely on emotional appeal to get out of troubles):
While it's safe to say that Tyler strategically is not playing a Vanessaean/game theoretically optimzed game, it's not his likabilty, emotions or his trusting eyes which get him out of troubles, but a new/different type of strategic game.
(afaics his main emotional manoeuvre was to cry in front of Steve after nominating him, which oddly enough might have been one of his best moves since it set him up being perceived as a weak but nice guy)
I think his defining strength is to adapt a strategically constructed narration specific to each and every player individually and to tell everyone only the story they need to hear to feel good about him and nothing else. He also has an uncanny ability to keep those stories in sync, consistent and to always tie up all lose ends.
In a way Tyler is not playing one master game, but 15 different strategic games with 15 different people - and unlike Dan or Vanessa he hardly ever had to rely on emotions to keep them in line (he didn't have to cry 24/7 and he never had to swear on the bible, get the house crying in funerals, hand out collaterals or continuously emotionally stress out his protege to stay in the game). His social game was a prerequisite, but it was not emotions but a masterfully crafted ensemble of stories which kept him on top of the game.