woanders ist es auch schön

BB20 | Saturday Morning Live Feeds Update Sept 15 BB20 | Saturday Morning Live Feeds Update Sept 15 - Since the jury is totally volatile isn't it a moot point to strategize about whom to take to the final two? Foutte probably is the controlling voting block, but they might vote out of spite for the worse player, but then they might think Angela oder KC actually played the better game and Tyler was just their goat and hence vote for Tyler, but then they might want to vote for a woman to win, but then Fessy might vote for the wrong person because he votes to evict instead of win, and the list of unknown variables goes on.
There simply is no way to make an informed decision, but the best bet for Tyler might be to cut KC if he wins HOH at F3, since this guarantees 550k for him and Angela as a couple instead of risking going home with 50k and a sour girlfriend, especially since he knows Foutte despises Angela and might like KC. At the same time he should never mention even thinking about taking Angela, so that if KC wins final HOH he can plausible deny that this thought ever crossed his mind and claim that she was his ride or die since day 2.
(the situation was different with neda/jon in bbcan since the prize money is not life changing and the jury never was a coin flip)