woanders ist es auch schön

BB20 | Saturday Morning Live Feeds Update July 21 BB20 | Saturday Morning Live Feeds Update July 21 - Great update. Oddly enough after the nominations and explanations the persona of Sam finally makes sense to me. She is the subdued, hard working mother of 10 who at the same time runs a tightly controlled matriarchic ship. And while all her children are treated and fed equally (every child should have the experience of playing for the veto, becoming hoh or being a have-not at least once) and and also get the very same pep talk at least once a week, some of the kids/boys (namely prince Tyler and duckling Scottie) have a special place in her heart and she needs to fend off any seduction by females (fatale), who might want to steal them away. She's almost reminiscent to the mother in Hitchcock's The Birds.

(just on a sidenote: I don't get why Kaitlyn didn't call out her hypocrisy regarding gameplay; her primary justification for voting against Swaggy C in week 2 was that the only reason was tit for tat since it was Wilson who voted for her to stay in week 1; and then she puts Kaitlyn, who actually saved her ass in week 1, on the block at the very first time possible)