woanders ist es auch schoen

1001791229653372928 1001791229653372928 - @peterbihr +1 for chomecast audio, especially if you already have some speaker lying around (it does have some limitations, but spending $35 for connecting your high school stereo to the cloud is quite enjoyable in itself)

@peterbihr People who know about home speaker systems: Vaguely interested in a Sonos One for comfortable streaming etc., but pretty annoyed there’s no way to directly stream from local sources (TV, podcasts from phone etc.). Any recommendations? Mid-range will do.

@giloi I think the better solution is to get a half decent standard speaker either with Bluetooth or hook it up to a Chromecast Audio dongle. Personally I’ve got myself a decent Bluetooth sound bar and hooked it up to TV, record player etc. Works a treat!

@paulsq Seconded. Choose your own audio hardware and hook a Chromecast up to it. The flexibility is very impressive.