woanders ist es auch schön

622163126604140544 622163126604140544 - @guenterhack it's a cultural problem, hence no technological solution will work. (blogs/rss just solve pub/dist, but not 'compression')
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@starkness: What if we had open protocols for expression and community platforms to moderate them? Great post by mmasnick

@guenterhack: “RSS” and “Blogs”, maybe?

@starkness: Indeed, there are good examples already dating to the early days of the internet. But not for Reddit, Twitter etc.

@starkness: Actually identica is an open twitter-like standard, but no one really used it. :(

@guenterhack: Disconnect the identity silos from the platform

@guenterhack: But: Internet is boring. Next toy, please.

@hackr: da halte ich es mit andy warhol, “I like boring things…”