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datasci-1865 datasci-1865 - Hi, maybe I've missed this in the instructions - but what is the recommended type and size of the clusters for the jobs processing btc-2010-chunk-000 or the full data set? My current understanding is that when defining a cluster one 'Master' node is required while 'Core' and 'Task' nodes can be added on demand. The defaults - one medium sized Master node, two medium sized Core nodes, no Task node - did work fine when loading the cse344-test-file, but even after adding 5 Task nodes I ran into problems when working with btc-2010-chunk-000. The error message I continue to get in the log-file says: Backend error message: Error: Java heap space which looks like a memory issue of the system to me (just guessing) What combination of nodes is the best bundle for our 'larger' problems? Alternatively: is there some setting which might make the memory management more resilient to this heap space error? Ok, after setting up a cluster consisting of 1 Master m1.large and 5 Core m1.small I still initially ran into the problems loading the data from S3 (as described here: ) but after locally importing the data set into the HDFS of the cluster (see Fan Fei ) I was able to complete Problem 1, Problem 2B and Problem 3 without further problems.