woanders ist es auch schön

YeKCt4aYz44 YeKCt4aYz44 - seems like the MoMB is down again, sorry for that.

shared hosting at #joyent has really become a royal PITA lately, this is the 6th major downtime in 3 weeks, downtimes last between 7.5 and 30 hours, unfortunately I'm not kidding.

(shared hosting is in the process of being transitioned to TextDrive, but until then it is within their responsibility and an indicator of their quality, but they obviously no longer care. if anyone from joyent is listening, the server name is cardero, I've filed a ticket)

(for the records: it was down for 17h starting yesterday 21:10 UCT; if this keeps going at least I’ll have some data for my project in R)