woanders ist es auch schön

Public Betas Are a Sham Public Betas Are a Sham - It seems to me that all this beta bashing is based on the assumption that people are not mature enough to make judgements on their own. (Does anyone believe people will continue to use (or pay for) some software which constantly sucks just because it has a beta label attached? Or that people will believe some webapp is great, because it says ‘never ever have been in beta’?) Language is a game, and the term beta has adopted various meanings – with a well defined state in the software development cycle being only one of them.

We are going to be in beta for quite a while near the end of march. The good part about the web is that you actually have the freedom to stay in beta as long as you wish. If you develop hardware or produce printed media you know how incredibly frustrating it is to finally see your finished product and then finding a small error, misprint or bug. On the web, your product is never finished. On the web, every day is beta day. Long live the web, long live the beta! (Boris)
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