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Denken in Feeds

Jeff Jarvis denkt über Feeds nach, und wie sich das Web verändern wird. Feeds sind dabei die treibende Kraft im Übergang zum Web 2.0.

Web 1.0 is built primarily on the former, the resources and articles and pages and mostly static things: It’s about stuff that sits and is found at an address. It’s about search. It’s about URLs and permalinks. It’s about Google and Yahoo before that. All that is valuable, always will be.

But Web 2.0 adds on the wonders of the latter: feeds (RSS, Atom, FeedBurner, et al); lists (OPML, etc.); conversations (blog posts, Technorati links, PubSub feeds, comments); swarming points (tags on Flickr,, Technorati, Dinnerbuzz); heat sensors (Blogpulse et al); aggregations (e.g.,; communities (Craig’s List, et al); alerts (Craig’s List feeds); decentralized distribution (bittorrent, etc.); and on and on.

meta 24.07.2005 /via @buzzmachine #