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Too many RSS feeds? Put ’em on probation Too many RSS feeds? Put ’em on probation - Merlin Mann mit einem kongenialen RSS hack.

my setup:

Use tags/folders for structuring the significance of newssources for yourself, e.g.:

* checkout - for new feeds that potentially could be interesting to you
* on probation - for old feeds that did'nt cut it recently
* topically named folders - for the rest

Now whenever you stumble upon an interesting feed don't worry, deliberately subscribe and label it 'checkout'

At the same time deliberately move feeds to the 'on probation' folder if they get boring or redundant.

Every two weeks or so clear these two folders and move the feeds from 'checkout' to the topical folders, if they add value to your mix, and dump feeds from the 'on probation' folder if nothing exciting has happened. Don't worry too much, if they are worth it or not, you will stumble upon them again if they are.
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