Konzept des Tages: Zirkus
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: der Zirkus.

Stupid is the brand killer
Seth Godin mit einigen Techniken, wie man Kunden sich als Idioten fühlen lassen kann.

Shoes that don't fit
"Because shoes that don't fit aren't a bargain."

Mass production and mass media
"The internet, though, was not invented so marketers could run internet ads."

Measure what you care about
Seth Godin über falsche Metriken und Platzhalter.

The truth about sunk costs
Seth Godin mit einer 'kulturalistischen' Lesart von Sunk Costs.

Almost no one
Seth Godin über den Unterschied zwischen dem 'niemand' und dem 'fast niemand'.

Fear of public speaking
"And that makes the solution straightforward (but not easy). Instead of plunging into these situations under duress, once a year or once a decade, gently stretch your way there."


irgw. witzig: dt. yt'er tritt aus werbenetzwerk aus hat so viele views wie seth godin im jahr.

The meritocracy trap
Seth Godin mit einer schönen Dekonstruktion der Trope Meritokratie im Valley.

Who let the air out of the balloon?
Seth Godin mit der sehr guten Frage, wer die Luft aus dem Balon gelassen hat.

Entwurf einer Theorie der Praxis
Seth Godin mit einer Art Minimaltheorie der Handlungsfähigkeit.

The annual plan construction set
Seth Godin mit einer Art Checklist zum jahresendlichen Klären.

The fear of freedom
"We live in an extraordinary moment, with countless degrees of freedom. The instant and effortless connection to a billion people changes everything, but instead, we're paralyzed with fear."

Nützliche Unterscheidungen pt. 27 (The Only You Edition)
Eine weitere zumindest pragmatisch nützliche Unterscheidung kommt von Seth Godin und unterscheidet 2 Arten von Jobs: welche, die man nur selbst machen kann, und alle anderen, die man auch delegieren könnte.

On the Origin of Species
"Originality is local."

Good Morning, What Do You Do?
Seth Godin mit einer Art Minitheorie (des sinns) der Selbständigkeit (der arbeit, des lebens, usw.)

Biggest vs. best
Seth Godin über das Größte vs. das Beste.

What everyone reads
Seth Godin mit einem Nebeneffekt der Tatsache, dass es keine 'Leitmedien' mehr gibt.

Without a keyboard
Seth Godin mit der guten Frage, was denn ohne Keyboard möglich wäre.

Snowden, Fragen, Amazon, Webvideopreis
Seth Godin wie so oft mit einem kurzen aber für Startups nützlichen Gedanken: Fragen, ob Leute wohl was wollen, schadet oft mehr als es nützt.

Origin stories
"Everything worthwhile has an origin, but those origins aren't the reason that they are worthwhile."

I didn't have time
"The solution has nothing to do with giving people more time (you can't) and everything to do with creating more urgency, more of an itch, more desire."

In search of an argument
abt. pick your battles.

Cracking the pottery
"I find that it's almost essential to fall in love with an idea to invest the time it takes to make it good and worth sharing. And then, the hard part: deleting that idea when it's just not what it could be."

The cure or the story?
The plumber, the roofer and the electrician sell us a cure. ... The consultant, the doctor (often) and the politician sell us the narrative.

Sinn, Hoccer, Twitter, SXSW
Seth Godin mit einem kleinen Gedanken, den ich allen Gründern ans Herz legen möchte.

Not even one note
"Instead, the restaurant makes the menu longer instead of figuring out how to make even one dish worth traveling across town for."

The four horsemen of mediocrity
Seth Godin über die vier Horsemen der Mediocrity

On doing the work
"All sorts of roads, but you have to supply your own locomotion."

Nützliche Unterscheidungen pt. 21 (The Applause Edition)
Eine weitere zumindest pragmatisch nützliche Unterscheidung kommt von Seth Godin: Applause, Feedback und Snark.

Trapped by tl;dr
Seth Godin missversteht da ein bisschen den Sinn von tl;dr, das ja eben genau als Indikator dienen möchte.

Delight the weird
"When you delight the weird, the overlooked and the outliers, they are significantly more likely to talk about you and recommend you."


No one reads a comic strip because it's drawn well
"As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter."

Best vs. Popular
"Best" is rarely the same as "popular."

Noise-tolerant media
And yet Twitter works just fine at this level. That's because it immerses the user in waves of media, a stream of ignorable content that people can dip into at will. More noise makes it better, not worse.

Konzept des Tages: The Obvious Answer
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: The Obvious Answer.

Privacy Ltd Revisited
aus der beliebten abt. heute vor 6 jahren: Seth Godin über Privacy.

Heroes of the revolution
"Revolutions make heroes at least as much as heroes make revolutions." (godin ist mit seiner konzeptualisierung von talent etwas näher dran als asymco, aber auch er ist noch leicht danaben)

Konzept des Tages: Moderation Glitch
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: Der Moderation Glitch.

Winner take all vs. local
Seth Godin mal wieder mit einem erstaunlich schlüssigen Tipp für Freelancer und kleine Startups.

Patterns, Analogies, Principles, etc.
Elon Musk und Seth Godin über Analogien, Prinzipien resp. Patterns.

Principles for responsible media moguls
Seth Godin mit einer Minimoral für Journalisten.

Thinking about money
Seth Godin über Geld.

Memo to the modern COO
"Why is it so hard for organizations to understand what Tony did with customer service at Zappo's?"

Konzept des Tages: The Weird Tail
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: The Weird Tail.

seth godin freut sich über seinen 5000sten eintrag. 3,88% davon sind dann auch hier gelandet…

Konzept des Tages: Der Information Hoarder
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: Der Information Hoarder

What does your brand stand for?
"Make a list of the differences and the extremes and start with that. A brand that stands for what all brands stand for stands for nothing much."

You should buy the book
"There are authors and actors who only show up when they have something to sell, who hit the road to briefly entertain us, pitch us and then leave. If you love their work, then by all means, buy it! But the frequent blogger is here for another reason."

"The challenge of communication isn't to never miscommunicate, it's to cut down the time between the interaction and the realization that the communication didn't get through."

Incoming Queue
"The person who sets your media/incoming queue owns your best work."

Building your backlist
eig. keine schlechte Idee (wenn man material hätte): eine backlist machen.

Habit #7
"The thing is, every habit is changeable with effort."

Choose your customers first
"The yoga instructor, the corporate coach, the app developer--in every case, first figure out who you'd like to do business with, then go make something just for them."

Media voice vs. media company
Seth Godin über das grundsätzliche Dilemma von Media Companies.

Why do we care about football?
Seth Godin über die Bedingung der Möglichkeit der Entwicklungsgeschichte von American Football.

A diet for your mind
"Controlling what you eat is an interesting challenge, but not nearly as important as controlling how you think."

(this is kinda bull; it's obviously a good idea not to play the blame game and there is a lot to actually learn from people who don't get it and it's a good observation that this is a moving target, but the goal itself is dysfunctional)

Xing, QS, Yahoo, Flughäfen
Seth Godin mit elf Lektionen, die Startups von Flughäfen indirekt lernen können.

Slow media
"In the age of "Breaking news, Emmy nominations announced!" and 140 characters, it's sort of surprising to realize that we are also living in the golden age of slow media."

Ideal, average and outlier
Ideal, average and outlier von Seth Godin

The answer is clear.
Being clear about what we're doing and why is the first step in doing it better.


The power of zero spend
"Rigidity is rarely your friend, but well understood boundaries make decision making a lot easier."

True professionals don't fear amateurs
"The best professionals love it when a passionate amateur shows up."

Most advice is bad advice...
"People mean well, especially friends and family, but they're going to give you bad advice."

Too simple
"The VC who allocates one minute to understand why your business will work has done everyone no favors. The blog reader who clicks away after a paragraph wasted his time visiting at all."

Seth Godin über die Dialektik das Caring.

Konzept des Tages: Anticipation vs. anxiety
Konzept des Tages: Anticipation vs. anxiety

What are professional reviews for?
Seth Godin über die Infoökonomie von Reviews.

Konzept des Tages: Proxy Trap
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: False Proxy Trap

A bias for trust
"Sure, there are people out there who will disappoint you. But expecting to be ripped off poisons all your interactions instead of saving you from a few dead ends."

The only purpose of 'customer service'
"The only purpose of 'customer service' is to change feelings. Not the facts, but the way your customer feels."

The beaten path
"Attention and trust are worth more than just about anything else, because they make it likely you have a chance to tell your story, which might resonate, which then leads to the beaten path. It's the last step, not the first.."

Redefining productivity
"Decide what you're going to do next, and then do it. Make good decisions about what's next and you thrive."

Downgrade by Law
mehr von Seth’s Startup School : How to downgrade

Seth's Startup School
Seth's Startup School als Podcast

The curious imperative
Now that information is ubiquitous, the obligation changes. It's no longer okay to not know.

The wishing/doing gap
"If you can influence the outcome, do the work. If you can't influence the outcome, ignore the possibility. It's merely a distraction."

It's easier to tell the difference between two bags of flour that are three ounces apart in weight when one weighs a pound, than it is to tell the difference between two bags that are three ounces apart when one weighs twenty pounds.

LSR, iOS, ACP, Feedly
Zum Ausklang ins Wochenende erinnert uns Seth Godin daran, welchen Unterschied es machen kann, wenn man sich jeden Tag auch nur eine Aktivität vornimmt.

The simple power of one a day
Seth Godin über den Wert eines Tages.

The people who came before you
"People are never irrational. They often act on memories and pressures that you're unaware of, though."

First, connect
Seth Godin über das Web als connection machine.

It could be one of two things
(I usually agree with him, but this is ridiculous)

School of Startups
Godin über Startups.

Either, not both
"Stand out or fit in. Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it's always a choice."

Where does this blog come from?
Seth Godin über sein Blog.

Avoiding false metrics
Godin über Metriken und wie so oft mit dem Nagel auf den Punkt.

Frage des Tages: hack or wow?
Frage des Tages: hack or wow?

Dr. More
Seth Godin über die immer leicht verschobene Erlösung.

Dr. No
Seth Godin über das Nein.

It's easier to go faster now than it is to go faster later
"If you're in a race, race now, because early leads and early gains compound, and because coordination issues in bigger organizations always slow you down."

Is everyone entitled to their opinion?
Seth Godin über Meinung und Deinung.

Godin's Fort Da
Seth Godin über konzeptionelle mimicry.

"If you are around people who are able to understand these things before you are, it's worthwhile to call yourself on it, and see if you can get into some discussions about what they see that you don't."

Ashamed to not know
"The question, then, is how long before we will be ashamed at being uninformed, at spouting pseudoscience, at believing thin propaganda?"

Faux familiarity is worse than none at all
"But when you pretend to know me, you've already started our relationship with a lie."

The first thing you do when you sit down at the computer
Was ist das erste, was man am Computer macht?


The reason productivity improvements don't work as well as they could
"The reason is simple: you don't want to get more done."

Subscription update
Seth Godin championed RSS.

The simple first rule of branding and marketing anything
"Keep your promises"

The most important page on the web
Seth Godin mit einer Minitheorie von Allem.

The trap of social media noise
"If we put a number on it, people will try to make the number go up."

Leftovers 2011 (Insight Edition)
"Perhaps we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time using them."

Didn't get the joke
Seth Godin mit einer Art Basistheorie des Bloggens.

A great way to give thanks...
"For every person reading this there are a thousand people (literally a thousand) in underprivileged nations and situations that would love to have your slot. Don't waste it."

There's nothing wrong with having a plan
"Plans are great. But missions are better. Missions survive when plans fail, and plans almost always fail."

Form and function
"When the form changes, so does the underlying business model, which of course changes the function as well."

"This is what always happens when something goes from scarce to surplus. First we bathe in it, then we waste it."

The Shower of Data
"This is what always happens when something goes from scarce to surplus. First we bathe in it, then we waste it."

Even Mark isn't Mark Zuckerberg.
"Even Mark isn't Mark Zuckerberg." +1. "Mostly, the best way to be the next Mark Zuckerberg is to make difficult choices." non sequitur.

the filter hierarchy

Consumers and creators
"And now of course, when it's easy to have a blog, or an Youtube account or to push your ideas to the world through social media, the ratio might be 100:1."

From Asimov to Zelazny
"What I discovered, though, was that domain knowledge, edge to edge knowledge of a field, was incredibly valuable."

Time for a workflow audit
Pay her to sit next to you for an hour and watch you work. Then say, "tell me five ways I can save an hour a day."

Bad poetry
"Surprisingly, though, amid the bad art, we actually find more good art. A barrier to entry isn't the only thing that improves quality."

The Grateful Dead and the Top 40
"But they were in different businesses, performing for different audiences, generating revenue in different ways, creating different sorts of art."

Who pays for the news media?
"Almost everything else we buy is of far higher quality than it was twenty years ago."

Giving umbrage
"The thing is, consumers are complaining to the wrong companies about the wrong things."

Disaster tolerance
"Not all disasters can be avoided. Not all disasters are fatal."

Dreams, princesses and the Disney-industrial complex
"Disney-industrial complex"

Economies of small
"Now that it's so much easier to produce a product in the small and market a product in the small, and now that it's so beneficial to offer a service to just a few, with focus and attention, perhaps we need to rethink the very goal of scale."

In search of a biz monkey
"A biz monkey is a replaceable, Powerpoint toting, suit wearing, acronym-spewing middle manager business dude drone."

Insist on the coin flip
Wann man besser einfach die Münze wirft.

The difference between blueberries and apples
"If you sell apples, then, the goal is to make the great ones great, really great. If you’re in the blueberry business, on the other hand, the goal is to eliminate defects."

How much can I get away with?
"How much can I get away with?" vs. "How much can we afford to give away?"

Are you making something?
Der grundsätzliche Gedanke - klare Trennund der Modi - ist wichtig. Nicht sicher ob das mit dem PC praktikabel ist.

Reject the tyranny of being picked: pick yourself
"No one is going to pick you. Pick yourself."

"Almost no one is buying fresh herbs. What's that about?"

Dead Can Dance
Seth Godin über Post-Tote.

An atomic theory of business size
Stimmt eig. auch.

On pricing power
Godin über Pricing Power.

You don't need more time
" just need to decide."

The space matters
Der Platz macht was aus.

In and out
Seth Godin mit der infoökonomischen Grundfrage.

Flavor of the Day
Seth Godin kondensiert die RSS ist tot Debatte.


You will be misunderstood
Wie wahr.

The Last Bit
Seth Godin über den infoökonomischen Totalausfall, der durch zu viel Clutter getriggert wird.

The one who isn't easily replaced
"The law of the internet is simple: either you do something I can't do myself (or get from someone else), or I pay you less than you'd like."

The market has no taste
"When it comes to art, to human work that changes people, the mass market is a fool. A dolt. Stupid."

Problems and constraints
Wann ist was ein (lösbares) Problem und wann eine Einschränkung/Tatsache (um die man herumbauen muss)?

I spread your idea because...
"Ideas spread when people choose to spread them"

Out of Sync
Seth Godin über Selbstsynchronisierung.

Subtlety, deconstructed
Godin über Subtilität.

The fear tax
Godin über die Fear Tax.

Resilience and the incredible power of slow change
"As the world gets faster, it turns out that the glacial changes of years and decades are become more important, not less."

The Decision (Before the Decision Edition)
Godin über Entscheidungen vor den Entscheidungen.

Getting unstuck: solving the perfect problem
"The way to solve the perfect problem is to make it imperfect. Don't just bend one of the constraints, eliminate it."

Fans, participants and spectators
Mal wieder Godin mit einer abgestuften Klassifikation der Beziehungstypen.

Dumbness Offensive
"if just one player enters the field and works to make people smarter, the competition has a hard time responding with a dumbness offensive."

Archetypes at work
Seth Godin mit einer weiteren Typologie (der Arbeitstypen).

Hope and the magic lottery
There's a hard work alternative to the magic lottery, one in which you can incrementally lay the groundwork and integrate into the system you say you want to work with.

But you're not saying anything
"Write nothing instead. It's shorter."

Is this noise inside my head bothering you?
Seth Godin mit einer Art Typologie der Stimmen im Kopf.

Who do you work for? (And who works for you?)
"I always took the position that my boss (when I had a job) worked for me. My job was to do the thing I was hired to do, and my boss had assets that could help me do the job better."

The Godin Massive
enzyklopädische auflistung diverser lektionen von seth godin

Konzept des Tages: The paralysis of unlimited opportunity
The paralysis of unlimited opportunity

I quilt
"Spend far less time than you should on the 'real' work and instead focus on creating genuine connections with the people you work with."

The Cell
One cell carries the coding for all of them.

Levy Flight
sorry, nochmal godin, über den levy flight.

Breaking news
"The thing is, there's no more news, just more breaking."

When in doubt, disaggregate
The average is irrelevant.

Forming the Responsive Landscape
Godin über Rights and responsibilities.

Secrets of the biggest selling launch ever
Seth Godin extrahiert die Lektionen aus Apples Launch-Events.

Are you rational?
Godin mit einem Lobgesang auf die Irrationalität. (wobei er rationalität mit spreadsheetability verwechselt)

The reality of digital content (lose the cookie, lose the fortune?)
Seth Godin über die neue Ökonomie von Content.

Driveby Culture
schöne zustandsbeschreibung von seth godin.

Viral growth trumps lots of faux followers
Anhäufung von Followern ist tot, Viralität ist das neue Schwarz.

Frightened, clueless, uninformed
Seth Godin mit einer Typologie der Persönlichkeiten.


What Matters Now: get the free ebook
Neues Ebüchl von Seth Godin.

define: Brand
Seth Godin über Brands.

The magic of dynamic pricing
Seth Godin über die Magie dynamischer Preismodelle, wie sie dank Digitalität ermöglicht werden.

How to protect your ideas in the digital age
Seth Godin über das falsche Denken, das Fokus auf Trademarks und Copyright triggern.

Is it too late to catch up?
Seth Godin über die Möglichkeit zum CatchUp.

Rupert Murdoch has it backwards
Godin wie immer konzise über Murdoch.

MC Hammer
Seth Godin über Hämmer.

Seth Godin über die meistens bescheuerte Obsession, den Markt von wasauchimmermanmacht auf möglichst alle ausdehnen

High School Musical
Seth Godin mit einer präzisen Diagnose.

Seth Godin über Stamps, Email und Friction.

Square one is underrated
Seth Godin über den Square One.

The massive attention surplus
Seth Godin über den Attention-Surplus.

Willfully ignorant vs. aggressively skeptical
"Screaming ignorance gets attention, but it distracts us from the work at hand."

Lessons from very tiny businesses
Stimmt auch.

When tactics drown out strategy
Godin über Strategie vs. Taktik.

Seth Godin mit einem bandwidth-sync Diagramm.

Bear shaving
Seth Goding über die Beseitung der Symptome statt der Beseitigung des Problems.

When you buy Zappos, what do you buy?
Seth Godin über den Amazon/Zappos Deal.

Everyone else reads it
Seth Godin über die letzte Bastion von Massenmedien.

Malcolm is wrong
Godin über Gladwell über Anderson.

The Pump
Seth Godin über die Kosten des Übergangs.

Seth Godin, Facebook, Google Book Search, Blogger
Seth Godin kritisiert die primäre Disposition im Marketing, möglichst laut zu möglichst vielen zu schreien und andere Links.

Circles of Convenience
"This is a convenient decision, but clearly not a smart one."

The internet is about who, not how many. The internet lets you take really good care of 100 people instead of harassing 2,000.

Flickr, Live-Blogging, Lehrbücher, CNN
Seth Godin über die Ineffizienzen im Markt von Lehrbüchern und andere Links.

Textbook rant
Seth Godin dekonstruiert den Textbooks-Markt.

Guy #3
Seth Godin mal wieder spot on.

Deeper or wider
Was man von Buffets lernen kann.

The next Google
Verrückt: Microsoft hat $100 Mio ins Marketing von Bing gesteckt.

Saying no
"Saying no to loud people gives you the resources to say yes to important opportunities."

Luxury vs. premium
Stimmt eigentlich auch.

What kind of open are you looking for?
The 37chambers of open.

Ignore sunk costs

What to do with people who aren't going to go away quietly

Das vierte Element
Seth Godin extrahiert vier Elemente, die Geschäftsmodelle überdenken sollten.

Can you change everything?
Eine Art Godin Liste.

A million blind squirrels
"If you want to build a goofy website, go for it. Just don't expect to be the lucky squirrel."

The Irony of Short
Godin über die Dekomposition von Büchern.

Good Times
Godin wieder einmal bestechend klar über die Musikindustrie.

Godin im 43F-stlye.

Solving a different problem
Instead, they solved a different problem, in such an overwhelmingly useful way that they eliminated the feature set of the competition.

Love (and annoying)
"Can't have both. Must do one."

Who you are and what you do
"The neat thing about the online world is that you are judged almost entirely by your actions, usually based on just your fingers."

What to do when the new thing doesn't work
"Enough with this zen nonsense."


In Charge
Seth Godin über die Frage, was man machen würde, wenn man dafür Geld verlangen müsste.

What is viral marketing?
Godin mit der ultimativen Erklärung von viralem Marketing.

Seth Godin über die Unfähigkeit so ziemlich jeder Marke, den Blickwinkel des social web zu verstehen.

Seth Godin beschreibt die Gefülltheit des Web.

Seth Godin zur pulitzer prize gibt's auch für online Kommentare, aber nur, wenn es auf dem Ableger eines MSM abgegeben wurde, policy.

What to do with your ideas for other people
"Here's the essential distinction: Selling ideas is a fundamentally different business than having ideas."

The noise
"The thing is, not all data is equal, and measuring the truth based on volume is almost certain to get you in trouble."

Making vs. Taking
Godin über die unterschiedlichen Dispositionen. Wäre interessant, das mal für Startups zu klassifizieren.

Death of the personal blog?
Seth Godin über den Tod der Blogs Blödsinn.

The sad lie of mediocrity
Godin über die versteckten Kosten der Mittelmässigkeit.

Marketing lessons from the US election
Seth Godin zieht wie immer kurz, knapp und präzis Schlussfolgerungen aus der Wahl.

Seth Godin mit einem fast schon haque'schem Text.

Too small to fail
Godin mal wieder mit einem schönen Text und Loblied der Kleinheit.

Firefox is missing the point
Seth Godin gibt Firefox den Tip Viralität statt Feature Creep.

Konzept des Tages: Psychographic
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: Psychographic.

It Could Happen to You
Seth Godin über das Klicken von Ads als Trinkgeld und wie das die Ökonomie von Content beeinflussen könnte.

Seth Godin über die Funktionslogik des Web für Marketing-dumpfbacken.

Seth's Tail
Seth Godin zum long tail (auf seine unnachahmliche Art komplexe Sachverhalte einfach zu erklären.)

Seth Godin zum Thema warum via-Links nicht 'geschäftsschädigend' sind.

Seth Godin über die Überflüssigkeit von Lebensläufen.

Konzept des Tages: Internal Noise
Eigentlich unser Konzept des Montags: internal noise

Godin, Plastic Cards, Portability
Seth Godin's Lektionen zur Musik unter Webbedingungen. Und ein paar Links.


Privacy Ltd
Seth Godin über die nicht besonders ausgeprägten Bedenken bzgl. Privacy.

The Argument
And brilliant strategies lead to arguments. Go have one.

Xtra Long Tail
Kleine, imho nicht schlechte, Kritik an Seth Godins Analyse der Musik im long tail.

Über kurz oder lang
Seth Godin über Ads im Zeitalter der Snackculture.

Silly Traffic
Seth Godin wie immer sehr treffend: warum wollte man Silly Traffic?

You should write an ebook
Man sollte ein ebook schreiben.

Seth Godin über kleine skrew-ups und wie man sie in eine postitive Erfahrung verwandeln kann.


Seth’s Blog
Mashup von Seth’s Blog.


Das hello world Posting von Seth Godin.