Udacity ST095: Statistics, The Science of Decisions

Statistics, The Science of Decisions
Instructor: Katie Kormanik, San Jose State University
Zeitraum: Februar 2014
Status: habe ich gemacht, inkl. Exams und Zertifikat

Anmerkung: Durchaus gute Einführung in Statistik.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction to Statistics and Methods

Lesson 1: Intro to statistical research methods
Lesson 2: Frequency Distributions & Visualizing data
Module 2: Describing Data

Lesson 3: Central Tendency
Lesson 4: Variability
Midterm 1 on Lessons 1-4
Module 3: Normal Distribution Analysis

Lesson 5: Standardized Scores (z-scores)
Lesson 6: Probability and the Normal Distribution
Lesson 7: Sampling Distributions
Module 4: Foundations of Inferential Statistics

Lesson 8: Estimation
Lesson 9: Hypothesis Testing

Midterm 2 on Lessons 5-9

Module 5: Comparing Means

Lesson 10-11: t-tests
Lesson 12-13: One-way ANOVA
Module 6: Correlation, Regression, and Non-Parametrics

Lesson 14: Correlation
Lesson 15: Regression
Lesson 16: Chi-Squared Tests

Final Exam on Lessons 10-16