Udacity CS313: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science
Dealing with Challenging Problems
Instructor: Sebastian Wernicke, Udacity
Status: kurz gesampelt

Anmerkung: hab ich angetestet, war mir zu mathematisch.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Challenging Problems
An introduction to tough problems and their analysis

Lesson 2: Understanding Hardness
What we mean when a problem is “hard” and the concept of NP-completeness

Lesson 3: Showing Hardness
Tools to let you recognize and prove that a problem is hard

Lesson 4: Intelligent Force
Smart techniques to solve problems that should – theoretically – be impossible to solve

Lesson 5: Sloppy Solutions
Gaining speed by accepting approximate solutions

Lesson 6: Poking Around
Why randomness can be of help – sometimes. An introduction to complexity classes.

Lesson 7: Ultimate Limits
Problems that no computer can ever solve. In theory.