Udacity CS101: Introduction to Computer Science

Introduction to Computer Science
Building a Search Engine
Instructor: Dave Evans, Udacity
Zeitraum: Oktober 2012
Status: habe ich gemacht, inkl. Exams und Zertifikat


Anmerkung: Ganz klar einer der besseren Kurse, die ich bisher besucht habe.

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: How to Get Started

Your first program: Extracting a link

Lesson 2: How to Repeat

Procedures, decisions (if), loops; finding all of the links on a page

Additional Lesson: How to Solve Problems

Universal techniques for solving programming problems

Lesson 3: How to Manage Data

Lists; crawling the web

Lesson 4: Responding to Queries

Complex data structures; building a reverse index to do searches; networks

Lesson 5: How Programs Run

Reasoning about cost; hash tables (Dictionary)

Lesson 6: How to Have Infinite Power

Recursive definitions; ranking search results

Lesson 7: Where to Go from Here

Past, present, and future of computing; exam

Final Project: Build a Social Network