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934dQ9ZqRE7 a bit early for #caturday but here is a cat enjoying a banana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=syfkpTqkx5I

dPLdjQdt6Me Cat watching boxing match on TV #caturday

2aLmU3Yye7z from the post standing desk dept. Super Gorone Desk - Use a Computer Lying Down.

aQ4yXiaxQbK obsessive compulsive #caturday

NDDHHZcmygp stretch- and flying objects #caturday

bb7ci3k4KBt mission catable #caturday

8TXzr6PPwsu Parkour Pt. 2

S6Tk5J1cbYT cat with clarity and focus

YVraAVZoUVh cat vs. dog.

2tRdEgqFCWT required motivational video for every goalie... #caturday

B7i9Z5EQyvZ preparing the floor for #caturday

BVy6fKaesFc kami-cat-ze #caturday

Y9eRhVbrWE2 (I would die if this would be grumpy cat) Hail your new, evil, overlord!

hVktdo1Ys6y This is how badly cats love boxes!! :D #caturday 

AU1HPEE2ahs Peers Hardy Crafty Caturday Bank

A4AUV6Nkvwq #caturday mouse edition

QeSGZTkv3Mv #caturday #PG-13

X7H6Cqukchn cat's too aerodynamic for #caturday

gbR9wKZ1Apt lucky prisoners

K2wYd5qCLMx just going through my feeds... - a massive collateral damage of the death of Google #Reader will be that the archive of feeds which died will be gone too. This was highly useful, e.g. for historical research on startups.
Google really is burning down a cultural and historical Oasis here, just because they can ...

cWi3TiFVSDj #springcleaning #caturday mashup

J5eXsPXsQDf Ninja cat climbing on a building

cXMUz8nAq8U 299,999 x #savereader

MigVfDTVGNt Surfboard escape

LBdHLjbmeup interesting

XoTDEYXPm29 doggie announces #caturday

EhM2jzjNhkW 'which way did they go?'

FipRoQ5ufm3 Cat hugs his teddy.

ctkcxgEwCwo cat in a box.

Lp4B1CBLV12 stratos jump by sovjet cat.

j9DBuc1yexp (mission impossible squirrel II)

c5mxervJJHW (I think we need a one stop master-aggregator for those) ((via +mausz fabrick ))

AfjqM7pcs1L (could someone please create a 24h version of this?)

QvcSj9EgssU enjoying G+ in old school mode.

H4on8PZHsAW (Google have outdone themselves with this new +1 button; clicking it is deeply satisfying)

8eRYx7Tg7Wa (via +Thomas N. Burg ) Portraits of Dogs as They Shake Off Water

88Yc3W1K5vU Just three penguin gangsters walking on the beach.

FAScA455Vhj I srsly hate relative timestamps, especially on blogs. published about a year ago? wtf.

2ZaCJb2Wd3P Sometimes evolution sucks.