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die romantische komödie

Plusses 701-800

58s913AZZ1M Nose jobs

K47vGEKUxsb "Seeing an unsolicited invite in (one of) my already crowded inboxes is a bad way to make a first impression for any service."

KsChrk2LZhQ crowdreduce

GbtcJdakhnF "Show off with your new designed Google Plus Widget." - Google+ Widget :: Google Plus customizable Widget to get in touch with your visitors

VMgi5B5a5ef Bummer, Google ist shutting down Google Labs. // http://momb.socio-kybernetics.net/?q=google+labs Official Google Blog: More wood behind fewer arrows

Eh7QUQfxNY4 die repluspolitisch korrekte interimslösung hier wäre wohl, das permalink in der beschreibung zu posten https://plus.google.com/102484891814321353019/posts/87d7vtSg5sj

8Lj1Jj8XL3P "So what has Copiepresse accomplished? It spent five years fighting Google... and won... and then let Google immediately go back to doing what it was doing before. Nice work, guys." - Belgian Newspapers 'Give Permission' To Google To Return Them To Search Results

PwAkGAQgXjP "a starting point in Social Analytics for Google+" - MoMB: BuzzRank Plusalyzer

2m5g3jaXV62 I kinda like the Incoming Stream

cWGhKWdvQce Class of 2011 updated: 1. googleartproject (7706 overall) 2. lorempixum (3116 overall) 3. initializr (2002 overall) - MoMB Labs | Class of 2011

da2e2RWobSR "A service to tweet your Google+ posts." MoMB: Tweet my Plus+

2cRw9XyQ8tz I like the idea of a low-pass filter based on the frequency of tweets. Shuush

BhwEGP5p82m Google+ > View Page Source

EirTboy7J9R weirdly enough, I'm rediscovering my love for Google Buzz (primarily stream of the people I follow vs. Google+'s stream curated by the people I follow)

EDxKzdB9we4 Super Mario 10 hours via http://kottke.org/11/07/ten-hour-videos. Will he ever reach top of the vine? O_o

NPKj4YMNvWH And news has to be free, because it has to spread. The few people who care about the news need to be able to share it with one another and, in times of crisis, to sound the alarm for the rest of us. - Why We Need the New News Environment to be Chaotic, Clay Shirky

dP7P5uL3hpa RP @chl Some live notes on this +Thing: http://piratenpad.de/rhy6jRQBEf

HxJ3GydUCyv Hello world+

I am, therefore I buzz. I am, therefore I buzz.