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Plusses 401-500

GaDa2TLbeVu "Jay Walker's personal 3-story library"
Au6PFYJxsWo cat tricked.
1AQ12sPzwye Squirrel Economy.
ctkcxgEwCwo cat in a box.
SVRzBQn2Jsn (hmm, I'm following everyone who mentioned 'holtrop' recently)
Lp4B1CBLV12 stratos jump by sovjet cat.
BQPMpYFbrrm Wall Running
LjECkZZJM2B Be careful..
4XtV7zWcBjA Erstaunlich interessante Gedanken für einen teutschen Soziologen. We ain‘t seen nothing yet
jmLLmsj3mUf (catified most useless machine)
YeKCt4aYz44 seems like the MoMB is down again, sorry for that.

shared hosting at #joyent http://joyent.com/ has really become a royal PITA lately, this is the 6th major downtime in 3 weeks, downtimes last between 7.5 and 30 hours, unfortunately I'm not kidding.

(shared hosting is in the process of being transitioned to TextDrive, but until then it is within their responsibility and an indicator of their quality, but they obviously no longer care. if anyone from joyent is listening, the server name is cardero, I've filed a ticket)
hfKrDLzNmvr R-bloggers, who knew?
55xT937oR4Z seems like the MoMB is down again, sorry for that.

shared hosting at #joyent has really become a major PITA lately, this is the 5th major downtime in 3 weeks, downtimes last between 8 and 30 hours, unfortunately I'm not kidding.

(if anyone from joyent is listening, the server name is cardero, I've filed a ticket)
MtxUxfQSM8d coursera gamification und networked life: check.

(like all other MOOCs they don't spend too much time and thought on the offboarding of students, which actually is a pretty stupid mistake)
WvERKt9APBa (oddly enough it's still - at least in some key aspects like search and filters - much better than g+) FriendFeed Turns 5. The One-Time Pioneer Is Still Here
KKPBDrJj7By (quite a plot twist)
DW5zV1Vimfe Dirk Baecker über Überforderung durch Kommunikation.
CVyy8dxQdyC (this should be in beta) Drone Journalism Lab
E58zzW9pdgw Origami style cat.
iwgC1ownXfV Paws up, hands down! Yes, cats always win. ツ
4yaCK3zkgGT ich hätte niemals zusagen dürfen, bei der hochzeit dieser mir sehr wichtigen menschen aufzulegen.
j9DBuc1yexp (mission impossible squirrel II)
fVsDu8YT3eq (after one of the best heuristics for 'startups' one of the worst. not sure what's up with graham lately) Startup = Growth
EcWPHko95Xx :-)

(share what's old)
iP2pEe8VUr1 #WildlifeWednesday (featuring pandas, squirrels and women dressed up as deers)
TTVcG7XRLf4 (this does not apply to G+) How to Be a Good Commenter
VXo2xY9hnAK has anyone an invite to spare? Cute Fight
RwZyxapxXa2 (it's basically voice over a slideshow and I'm missing a talking head, but actually this course is quite good) Networked Life
6F6CmP5YGeK while cats are relaxing Google seems to be pushing into EDU lately. After the course builder this is the second major initiative this week. Next Guru.
DdkvMkSmBrp (cats seem to get quite relaxed lately)
Fq7aw2vztnW I actually like this definition since it defines and requires a concrete 'vector'.
what's a startup

93WYhC2fyem Dear User, because of continual failure for a duration of 12 hours your test was suspended.

^ note from a monitoring service which complains about the fact that the site to be monitored for downtime is down for too long.

WYSTR17UTua (feels rather authentic) Der Imperativ des Authentischen.
JAzbx2TQfBc (love them badges. I so wish Foursquare would have tackled a social object more useful than location)
YbpDJYPFNtq Mich deucht in den neuen Räumen die vom Clarium Hedge Fund sponsort unterm gleichen Dach die heissesten Typen auf diesem Hintergrund technologische Utopien?
SCuiNbv4ihz With regard to the issue of content, the disjunctive perturbation of the spatial relationships brings within the realm of discourse the distinctive formal juxtapositions.
Gnrw9Wr48ZL wow, 13,000 students submitted the assignment 1 (a short essay) for the gamification class at Coursera. Looking forward to all the gamification.
SPfvKkYhFiT ouch, angrymath reviews Udacity's Statistics 101. Even if I personally liked the course, the critique is pretty much spot on. But he throws out the potential of the model with the bath water.
U5zXRZ75787 don't worry, es liegt an mir und nicht bei dir ;) - du liegst mit deinem output objektiv betrachtet völlig im rahmen. (ich bin da unwahrscheinlich, weil ich das normale twitter benutze und nicht über listen differenziere und meine timeline grösstenteils lese und socmed themen ein bisschen zurückfahre).
ZBWaZf2c274 (I need to put this on the sometime/maybe list for the MoMB; betas unadulterated could be nice) MoMA Unadulterated
GaLc8tN8pUB for one, I am impressed. They have managed to get uptake, with a $50 pricetag, for an offering that is actually less functional than Twitter in many ways, from a technical standpoint. And it's a very small community relative to Twitter. Even so, they have managed to get a lot of people to part with a significant amount of money.

(weird article. I actually was looking forward for him to chime in since he probably is the conceptual center of gravitation for this topic, but then all he does is list possible types of twitter-users?)

aaE4qgTVRtG (considering a new series or section titled 'told'ya' listing stuff I called correctly (fail of wunderkit, autodeconstruction of udacity, ...) but it might come off too cocky)
E1h6QwPe4qT big on G+
6S1D6MrmiES eine spur zu selbstverliebt, trotzdem schöner text. (via +Thorsten Breustedt)
fvRJpYM2Xzz update: it's getting worse and worse (beta-wise). Only 2 of the last 50 pitches have been for plain vanilla public betas. What's even more concerning (again, beta-wise) is that people, especially the younger folks, don't even get what I mean when I'm responding that I'm only listing public betas. Seems like nobody is reading Tim O'Reilly anymore or understands the symbolic significance of the perpetual beta tag.
another weird trend is people asking for a submit form. For the first six years or so nobody has been asking for a form, now 3 out of 10 do without even sending the link in the email.

LDGTdVXxTp2 every + counts.
aua9gJrdBSE pro tip: if you haven't looked into your feedburner stats in two years, please turn off those obnoxious feedburner urls for your feed. kthxbye
fyJWZUm7m8W this thread covers the dramatic material of an entire hbo-miniseries, substories, plot twists and cliffhangers included. #joyent (some knowledge of the history of textdrive, the vc 200, dean allen and joyent required)
iELWf5xm84i Abandoned Venues From The 2004 Athens Olympics
hj9XZ3zFR14 +Google+ Developers is there a secret/hidden way to find the items I've +1'ed on Google+?
NkFDAjutB99 (unfortunately this also would affect the MoMB) #joyent #lifeline
HWXvZUq4aqq (quite funny: the moaning about the upcoming twitter API is much louder in my G+ stream than on twitter)
X4aUELW7N7b (I wonder whether a plus shaped lake would attract more plusses)
FSbPECyodLJ I still don't get why anyone would ever think endless scrolling is a good idea. (but obviously a lot of people like it and/or don't get annoyed)
YnGXysUBeKS Again, none of this is to suggest that either model is 'the right' model. But it's flat out ridiculous to suggest that either one is somehow economically pure or has interests more aligned with users. What amazes me, however, is so many people are repeating Caldwell's assertions as if it's absolutely true, when it's clearly not.
1wQ2819vQZF Creativity in Poverty - Hindustan Times
KxzsB4ouC7j ha, I was there in 1993/94 a few times. incredible energy and skills.
fLGxYtVXBgh "the use of operators is perfect for 4chan"
9DbzGSGUf3f (oh, tech ethnographer) ((via @chl))
WK3DBKPLUDc moving a certain set of links from pinboard to delicious and another set of links from delicious to pinboard.
aiAmxnDvafh (this would make for a killer doodle too) ((via @chl))
E911mQj17kG happy birthday!
dvDuspfbK9c The robot that always wins rock/paper/scissors
cyeEpCcvXh5 I really like this shot (it de- and reconstructs various axis simultaneously)
c5mxervJJHW (I think we need a one stop master-aggregator for those) ((via +mausz fabrick ))
dNFFRtFi8pe (symptomatic article why classical education never will get anything done; instead of taking it bird by bird they demand solutions for their wishful thinking; interestingly enough the AI guy thrun got this right) ((via @chl))
5QDLUnfeDSv twitter bootstrap is the new rounded corners.
VAM9K1SmD5H oops, I think I've just mixed up the surveys for Udacity CS101 and CS212 which might give the evaluating script some weird edge case, lol.
AfjqM7pcs1L (could someone please create a 24h version of this?)
FhhZG3ntgZi (revamped hot trends) Google Hot Searches
VuZwKZmiifg what technology wants (via @dominik)
VrHVbcBFMW9 troll culture /t/ - the book
HoxebWii584 "No matter how awesome any group of people is, you can always find someone doing something idiotic." The idiot theory of news