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Plusses 301-400

6Bw5Ruwbgv4 Kido's first shell game
K368jHhfRPr Google seems to use web searches to come up with suggestions for 'you might like' here, cool.
(yesterday my tracker was not updating its data and I was googling for a solution. today g+ is suggesting to follow fitbit. this might or might not be a coincidence, but their last post was about 8 months ago so they are hardly a member who naturally pops up)
hmm, I did plus about the fitbit flex a couple of days ago, so this could be a more plausible explanation, actually.

aM6LVeVbuTP (almost bought this boombox meets firefly mashup)
awoESpqbbZq standing penguin cat.
ApV1Zowms1S #caturday
FVp1gxn96KF (who knew that hunter s. thompson was an early life logger / quantified selfer?)
VyeGSL7RCc3 just finished watching breaking bad s2; didn't see the nod to lost coming... (we really need some sort of instant social replay to pseudosync our timelines)
19pgAEyXxY2 (more quantified wearability)
QSiGmwCH4QH "2013 will be the Year of the Online Instructor."
c7KJrhrss16 Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity & Sleep Wristband
jLapTBA8wk9 nice, APS (wG) (based on PS (wG) which was great) http://insidesearch.blogspot.de/2013/01/advanced-power-searching-with-google.html
5Vjk4wFrqdJ Where are we now?
KzL2RdYwgLp Memoto - A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.
SDZ98h8p3Q6 go #robots II
MKMQ1SsmtH5 go #robots
Xtf7XJKGQBu I'll be in my tree...
9EuCdbp4CW5 (holy cow, ff still alive n kickin')
6izMwRPrEt3 (haven't seen it yet, but even my mom was talking about it)
UExcVJUhQgK jumping elephant.
1A1LDapzt4i argh, twitter finally killed their hidden rss feed. (ok, g+ never ever even offered one)
update: oops, seems like twitter still has one hidden feed alive (replace hackr with any screen name you want): http://api.twitter.com/1/statuses/user_timeline.rss?screen_name=hackr
2KKJhSTePo8 12.12.12 12:12
DeNxzkFc9ek (to be fair: the roads are slippery in winter; and most do drive significantly slower than in summer)
A1usAquNdrm "strange new kind of shapeshifting metamaterial"
DUD7HKu9MDi From Warmup To Warmup
TCNVuDmrzfP oldie but #caturday
hsxbN1GkX3h (live stream on yt) leweb
FTC1CV6vGTa cat step!
82XX1muwVYh Buddha - I want to have your peace, your wisdom, your serenity, your devine nature AND your acorn hat. Love, Squirrel.
LBdHLjbmeup interesting
LyxSpWmDVJd ai class is back (from the new year's resolution dept.)
SKuLNsdNgG1 (we need this for everything; the avatar shall provide a link to the skill profile for the 200 or so most relevant fields)
9nnzazW2Xru (from the enough is enough dept.)
1VjBL3dG8fF stats for coursera's SNA: "Some participation stats: 61,285 students registered, 25,151 watched at least one video, 15,391 tried at least one in-video quiz, 6,919 submitted at least one assignment, 2,417 took the final exam. 1303 earned the regular certificate." - since it was a good course overall that's probably a more realistic expectable participation funnel for future courses.
eysbLU1TDgJ omg cat
YzPqVAaM9Li Rivva has a newspaper special today, including tons of self-affirmation "Wir sind keine Holzhändler, es geht um den Inhalt, nicht um die Form" http://goo.gl/lTT9I "Zeitungsjournalismus hat das Beste noch vor sich." http://goo.gl/A1nz3 etc.
PFcxrceQPd4 (nobody? 2 pts. are up for grabs)
dLAwprrcqJM (good idea but wrong direction. I would love a randomized seller, which aleatorically sells my stuff on ebay)
C4w7i3SJJrs (did someone at g+ attend the gamification class?)
T3WuupdXrnA (Zabriskie Point, 23:00 #br)
1GM5x2Aax3s (I highly recommend playing pulp fiction - see my previous + - in the background)
9UoH6TdfVDN I wonder whether this alleged disaster of the #nexus4 isn't a brilliant example of retail gamification. I absolutely feel tempted to place an order just to see whether I can make it through the process.
R9ysdmHNyYz "Instead of actually e-mailing each other, they would compose and draft messages but not send them. The other person would then log into the same account and read the drafts. This made those messages harder to trace, and the tactic has been used in the past by criminals and teenagers, an unnamed law enforcement official told the AP."
LbCWeD3aF8w cats in and around a box.
1rwUr2R5C4a cats in und on a box.
AWRKesu1HUg passion
iccBvUzD4XY (the social network #pro7)
VhdAuzimRdd Ah, it's #caturday
ByrdjMpj4fA Los Ninos Del Parque
c211AcouEnY Delicious Refreshed Today we’re excited to offer a preview of the brand new Delicious! We’re proud of what we built and we hope you’ll like it too! This is just the start of what’s to come. More will be revealed as new features get released, but for now, we wanted to share a few of our guiding principles: Community Matters The Delicious community is a passionate bunch – consuming millions of links every day while collecting the best content on the net. In the futur...
iXRy2RpDH4e unfortunately absolutely no idea for the #NaNoWriMo ; maybe a story involving cute but also a tad obtuse cats and sharp but also vicious squirrels?
Bfj2FpoKnuz (spiele mich gerade mit möglichen 'reconstructions' herum, weil ich selbst den wald nicht mehr sehe... hier eine sammlung zu udacity und co und also vl. für dich int.)
X37sPG2qGFV (kinda funny how they throw their former partners under the bus, 'finally we have a portfolio that is worthy the nexus name', etc.)
TCS1DTVcuGU (in soviet russia, cat fights bear)
Lx4ZAivDFuE omg it was you
XoTDEYXPm29 doggie announces #caturday
2S57VwG3g5F (h/t @pierro) Cat Bounce
WMwcQsjKjtV yay for udacity. (I hope this helps them refocus instead of trying to compete against Coursera on numbers)
ghHQLcuZtux Selection 2005 (sorry, im feed war es irgendwie zerschossen, devoha auch hier)
Fg9Wz8BPEhX interesting, 8,280 out of about 82,800 students earned a earned a Statement of Accomplishment for Coursera's Gamification class. It wasn't 'difficult', but you had to watch the lectures to pass the quizzes and there were 3 peer graded written assignments, so you had to put in some effort to pass. 10% is really a lot.
fmykrkbPeBw I'm hoping for an iPad Cat Edition. Apple Special Event October 2012
AF5jYGjF8hL Halloween special – papercraft skeleton
HkYNcLRPdb6 Posteuclidic Cat.
MKC677S3zQz Jumping Cat.
TCWXHjub6pN Ninja Cat.
8sjWrcZJia8 vl. für dich int. Trollcon/2012
gnH5RsDAGeF is anyone still using app.net?
EhM2jzjNhkW 'which way did they go?'
FipRoQ5ufm3 Cat hugs his teddy.
hSUB3biJAnz Raring Ringtail #wildlifewednesday
UTdNAQLVYii (incl. scrivener which many writers seem to like; unfortunately that's the only app I fancy in this bundle)