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Plusses 201-300

R9USu1U8pAe still hope that they come in peace...
gbR9wKZ1Apt lucky prisoners
5nzbyJdGyao "cnn has become the human centipede of news"
jFBmfUHYQan (btw: does anyone else have problems sharing via Google Reader? it stopped working for me /* the popup comes and automagically disappears a few seconds later; if I submit fast it doesn't make it to G+ */ but a few sites are a bit sluggish for me today)
11jC3P1SNVr Apollo 11 in 100 Seconds
gFKdpQSgczX Dog in suit eating peanut butter http://youtu.be/EuiPmrOYkKM
fQG6rTBTHxa (I'd love to see her vid too) #caturday
XZ5s9V6BPro interesting that this petition has become stagnant one step from the finish line (1,063 of 150,000 needed)
7KteABpcHmU #grilledcheeseday I guess there's always room for perfection ;)
VquHQ79zWh5 it's tuesday and I'm already browsing teh #caturday stream again... #anonymous_cataholics
LFhU6ABvrz4 #gravitymonday #caturday
eNReVLeHzFQ #ineedzensunday This isn't how it's supposed to go at all. #caturday
4mmNTw3Ke73 allegory for almost everything. #caturday
iyP1Hdsxchw they seem to come in peace. Quantum levitation Cats
72NYYjhLHVN #drumandthursday #monkeydance Streetbeats Vol 2
iSVbBAc5t6N "Treasure Maps is our Beta Maps technology and has certain system requirements. Your system may not be able to display at higher resolutions than paper print."
Czv8qqcvmr7 so graceful.
LMEomfKA9R4 #caturday #dippemess mashup
QjFdC1TUjNU "From Haute Cuisine to Soft Matter Science" (starting oct. 2013)
XtEDEuVyRFc probably was a firefighter in a past life.
APqUvHe2CpB did google just kill this slider for adjusting the volume of circles in regard to the main stream?
update: no, they just changed it up a bit.
google plus
h17vQzXnnWh suggested communities: social marketing, troll, trolls
aUiafUYzJED On average Google kills services after 4 years. Obviously a lot of the sites have been duds, but since Google #Reader we know that Google might strike and attack even their best services at any time.
K2wYd5qCLMx just going through my feeds... - a massive collateral damage of the death of Google #Reader will be that the archive of feeds which died will be gone too. This was highly useful, e.g. for historical research on startups.
Google really is burning down a cultural and historical Oasis here, just because they can ...
cWi3TiFVSDj #springcleaning #caturday mashup
ibUYQvVADHd what a day, first nixon, now skywalker... An Inside Job
HQCSHkidRCh (honorable beta of the day)
J5eXsPXsQDf Ninja cat climbing on a building
1BLvtCKDgws cat thinks she's a goat.
XrXZjvUpZmY even standing cat is pissed with Google #caturday
BJVVjiKvL8e oh oh, even fanboys get the blues.
5X96YXTVGTX if they pull it off that would be quite a comeback. We're Building A Reader
cXMUz8nAq8U 299,999 x #savereader
KCCsuPF7kHd "So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader." - google has lost its motherfucking mind.
2Y8Suw9SMvF upcoming german mooc thingy: iversity
TruVGy8FgRo wow, quite a scoop for mashable.
MigVfDTVGNt Surfboard escape
MjupBB3jn3T cover photos just got bigger
gS2bV1tcNy3 that was quick Twitter for Firefox OS
9TQhnvtdp5F you can't get a cat to even acknowledge your presence
7F4CvrJk1Pb the first batch of #ifihadglass should go to russia.
YFYHWTCLhbv the memularity is near
fDNW4hSnnDg Guy Debord: Kriegsspiel
Ttey4ZgE44t (harlem shake ksla)
gUWiz36pAJX (cats on a tree)
63tLoBKAKcR popcorn... nyt I nyt II A Most Peculiar Test Drive
VNC9TzKHFSW you've earned the hot air baloon badge
9kDhhHLLHsr ohnoesphere
NW2vs4EfRn7 "the return of feeds users had previously unsubscribed to" - oh noes, dawn of the feeds...
1a4t9VaRKur i put the zen in katzen
ex6m3pvLFPm omg, he could found ~50.000 startups in the ycombinator model. Google's Schmidt to sell roughly 42 percent of stake
2qiMCLKnyaG (this should be in beta) verified facts
WUijjt5UdXw nano anticlutter hack: deleting 10+ emails everytime you check your inbox until only actionable mails or processed reference material is left.
VnNwfMt3vxM nice, the ipad app of G+ pays homage to Internet Explorers Marquee element in the 90s.
Z5tkgehiLkM procrastinating by watching gtd videos on yt.
Za6onVNsJQb fortunately it's #caturday Vinecats
Bq9nnTXbz7H (this is kinda bull; it's obviously a good idea not to play the blame game and there is a lot to actually learn from people who don't get it and it's a good observation that this is a moving target, but the goal itself is dysfunctional)
jR3UKc2dU8Q (long time no see)
fail whale
4RoaWtt7MmV the future of music distribution?
cCWUmrCV7ng gerade andersrum: gerade die bereitschaft, sich auf die naivität einzulassen, ist die bedingung der möglichkeit, und nicht das größte handicap. die wikipedia ist per definitionem zynisch/postmodern und nicht aufgeklärt/modern.
J2ZXNAXAhDz (apropos grenzen: abt. freiwillige selbstbegrenzung)
RkdtEFGVP4S "VineRoulette currently requires Silverlight:" roflmao
XfXexZVKcid quite nice, actually: vinepeek
ScBNCbdKCzJ (edited)
SCULiwkKnJN omg, 500 mio people will be watching the Hahnenkamm race (from the tu megalomanix austria dept.)
94PrUHHQs5r finally #PeanutButter is trending!
3XC5FX2UCWs (I liked the end of american horror story II. neither homeland nor ahs lived up to their first season, but homeland - overall not bad but not pretty pretty good - kinda dropped the ball in the last episode, while ahs tied up a streaky season)
VdYPJum8p24 interesting that it was composed in tweets.
UF6CHGmoxM1 weather forecasting stone.
Zz47EkmDPxj Compact Cassette - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
CvgPwVRrba5 (started to read implex and valis and neither of them really helps anticluttering my concept space...)
7uZLQKKTuac nah. the best solution is to wear different socks.
hqB2UPVdUsa dunno, unfortunately: How to Have a Year that Matters
JJQMfHKWmTj (not sure if his conclusions are right) The Improbable is the New Normal
4iULPpWyqT1 Nordic combined pt. 2
3MBgtdJf7pm Nordic combined pt. 1
DUbMZ1iHMqw Tiny cat
FmmCUwdY4iB #DESnow
bhfiX4iXJu7 (interesting choice of music. these days parrots usually come with dubstep)
JDbjSYSE5kG ((the problem with thinking in possibility spaces is the envelop of communicative mist))