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Plusses 101-200

YVraAVZoUVh cat vs. dog.
CUPerprwMze Finished the Exploratory Data Analysis course from Udacity over the weekend and unlike Udacity's other new data science courses (Intro to DS and Intro to Hadoop, both are rather ill-conceived) this one is very good.
EYiyqeik2gg (March 18 - April 4; h/t +Martin Lindner ) Making Sense of Data
2tRdEgqFCWT required motivational video for every goalie... #caturday
B7i9Z5EQyvZ preparing the floor for #caturday
BVy6fKaesFc kami-cat-ze #caturday
Tw74oE8Ruts #caturday Fuck you gravity :D
exEVmfWv9JZ a little early but #caturday : Attention all in cover - Catbomb
UR6nAWi3dgp it's a shame that this is not in beta...: http://www.buildwithchrome.com/ (via +John Blossom)
PmjpK67EsXW cool, Google's Feedburner still counts the ghost-subscribers from Google Reader and iGoogle to jazz up the # of subscribers.
DnyFgYj1Q1R (replussing this since today is the national hug day) Time spent with #cats is never wasted. ~Sigmund Freud…
Y9eRhVbrWE2 (I would die if this would be grumpy cat) Hail your new, evil, overlord!
hVn2NXVqxVc (omg, the first google beta in ages) Google Publisher Plugin
UpnR18oTAYm (you are what you +plus)
a9gTZFPyDZG Kaa hypno german
hVktdo1Ys6y This is how badly cats love boxes!! :D #caturday 
6EWQPmuvdFd (now they are killing even the tools with moustaches) The time has come for Schemer to power down.
PDgDLvyvQcH I love how MacHeist ever so slightly adjusts the threshold of bundles to be sold for the last two apps to be unlocked (usually they also throw in another good app in the end) MacHeist
RAB6qGBDvgj I kinda lost hope - but my one and only wish for G+ would be to be able to access the items I've +1'ed (/cc https://plus.google.com/110967630299632321627 )
bpRnKTAHSBC (I hope someone makes a tumblr for this) The failed handshakes of the French President
2or6yseTGGX (I highly recommend watching this for 9 min in full screen as visual for the track featured here: http://rudreshm.com/ ): Man(n) wird nicht juenger ...
dKYfR96gj88 (cat preparing for #caturday)
UN2GFJr6aWS this dude would kill it on fitbit...
b5MeorEFzw7 #Caturday Time to measure stash with toys :) Hm... let me do that again
enMLjtJCZz8 it's hard to even keep track... http://coursebuffet.com/
FXfCom8RTiQ Felis Domesticus #caturday Unfold - Projects - Habitat: Felis Domesticus
a6XGYkm6qdf (partly #caturday content) ((h/t @dominik) cachemonet.com/
dwDJx6FHqe4 even if it's #caturday: "Your teddy bear has always wanted to visit Tokyo in the spring..." This company will send your stuffed animal on a vacation
6gEwSf1ttFt (gosh, even twitter can save searches... just had #caturday saved but anyways...) Google+ Discontinuing Saved Search, Asks You To Bookmark Searches Instead
hfPa9V3hV1X (another metaphor for everything)
bQAQPa4qEJf btw, +Google will you ever provide access for one's plusses??
FwJ3ehNDLwv cleaning up caches of google reader etc. #walkingdead 
EtcATGbfPoc Cat mop just got crowded.
6G3MPh9ko12 a tad late for #caturday but here we go (untested): Shortcat - Keyboard productivity app for Mac OS X
MvdnQgzkVnJ Has anyone already tried to run WordPress on GAE?
jMW2c7ChJtn (great usecase for glass. I'd love to see this as a full layer for google maps or openstreetmap) Bike ride from Santa Monica to Venice beach with Google Glass
UXfc6ZC8NtZ bloody banana guts (via +bb)
ZTBQp1gaQB8 (eight) MoMB | The Museum of Modern Betas
GdhFoHXBhN5 Wheeeeeeeeeeee
DVbs6Z3YJ9A from the parallel cativerses dept. #caturday Are Parallel Universes Real?
iFG6c1kir6c lacan's mirror cat post-#caturday
1BxQ13Wk8hU Thank you for stopping by.
dn6uPQ41xPU oddly enough, I still have some trust left in Google to change their minds regarding #googlereader . To come out and say 'guys, we hear you, we also get you, we keep it running' could become one of the most brilliant PR moves ever.
hppFxU9nWGN my first 60 secs with the digg reader https://digg.com/reader
FFvL1UdZoNH (last call in case you need help exporting archives of specific feeds)
QB8r7QSWd1J 2
PsJtppeAPXm Google digging deep into #engagement and #memes The Engagement Project: Finding the Meaning in Memes
YuL2Re2AYZm A few weeks ago YouTube added 'collections' to manage your subscriptions.
I wonder why they did this when they think this is an old fashioned mode for consuming media and clearly not the way to go forward (which was the explicit reason to kill off #googlereader given from Google to Wired http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/06/why-google-reader-got-the-ax/ .)
Google Reader was tool to subscribe to feeds and manage them in collections and read the articles at your leisure.
YouTube is a tool to subscribe to channels and manage them in collections and to watch the videos at your leisure (and to publish your own videos).
If it is kinda lame to read the articles on your own terms because we consume news in bits and bites throughout the day based on our timeline and Google's insights now, as they say, then why is Google implementing and expanding this deprecated structure in YouTube?
Why isn't Google killing subscriptions and collections in YouTube too, since it just could serve users a random stream of viral videos, or videos posted by their friends, or great according to some algorithm based on some secret Google juice?

NQKpyHbVKMr Dominique Silvestri originally shared #caturday
1kdyCmPjLtr heh, Aol is building a feedreader too: http://reader.aol.com/ - if even Aol gets the value of a feedreader Google is really looking like a doofus now.
MG2cyivApzK hmm, Microsoft's so.cl http://www.so.cl/ (which g+ doesn't like to embed) is actually better looking than G+.
NYBUMw5meSA (draft for #caturday : eat your own catfood)
4ToKVy1poSt (should be a required motivational video for goalies)
hEtTq1wGPjP "We’re doing the launch in phases because, as you might have guessed, RSS aggregation is a hard thing to do at scale, and we want to make sure the experience is as fast and reliable as possible. Everyone will have access by June 26th."
7pHs8gSex9B "Covers, covers — everywhere" Hack the Cover
77FnUqA4QxB eno's cat thinks six is boring #almostfamouscats
jC3KqwRGVge (another allegory for almost everything, #caturday)
3c8oVAGTAd8 cat for mayor! #caturday El Candigato Morris
8UyzvLWn8Ev (this would make for a fantastic kinder surprise) Google Glass Teardown
GTU5WmWj5CU omg, hahaha (h/t +Carsten Pötter)
j7ZSH2E2bZv (bought this for the upcoming #caturday; h/t to shashasha +Guenter Hack): Title: nekopathy
23iBNRtf22h (why does google show me a happy face when I muted a post? at least give me some bad conscience)
you muted this post
StrG5kwSXp4 #caturday (I see him in many Jean Gabin remakes) Grumpy Cat has a movie deal
A4AUV6Nkvwq #caturday mouse edition
XBwuhZqAKHp the famous catecke of joseph beuys #caturday
1HhEwTbRdiM "I think I’ll have all the mashed potatoes.’"
VsnqCXaq9Cp Am I missing sth. or is G+ quite a dud at I/O? There are a few sessions for publishers (how to add buttons and badges), a lot of sessions on how to add G+ Sign-In, and, well, that's about it. No read API, obviously no write API, no API for the social graph, for search and discovery, not even RSS for the posts.

yep, I was; this sign-in makes it possible for other applications to interact with and via G+ to a certain degree and there are a few other features filed under G+ platform.
HyvVk7EE6Mn If you attend Google I/O: I hope you'll all be wearing Google Reader T-Shirts tomorrow.
dKa9zBFKE5B (next up: self flying cars) Flying car crashes near Vernon
BNP9LDncZeN How to trap a cat on Caturday
SYK2oHBgcus The phenomenon of accelerated development and complexity does not necessarily imply an acceleration of its collective understanding
B1XBguQhPCZ Kurt Schwitters: Ursonate.
iy7D5BMMvo1 finally an API for t-shirts. shirts.io
WoNFJE7E2nD (a fleet of self-driving, solar powered, completely autonomous cars...)
2Ej8DVzdqPU uff. (I am johnny depp) Free personality test
Eex2Uy6BMgU it doesn't look like Google+ will become re:publica's breakout app this year. (a search for re:publica or #rp13 yields less than 20 results for today, twitter is ticking at about 20 results each minute... maybe next year.)
NFptWHeCCY9 hah. I've finished my project of survival analysis using R; sample predictions for surviving the next 5 years
iD8Lfrg8kbb who knew? Good People.
QeSGZTkv3Mv #caturday #PG-13
bxi5g1CeR7c #caturday #anti-social
MCjBTea2zCo #caturday #social
MLEjPLSNcVp A Boy And His Atom: The World's Smallest Movie; Making of.
X7H6Cqukchn cat's too aerodynamic for #caturday
aWA42uJ7wYw Cat Scores A Soap Opera #caturday
1bRHvQvxf4o hmm, google finally removed the google reader tab from the google apps interface as well which kills my last hope of its survival (igoogle for instance survived in google apps)
google reader tab