My Courses


kurse, die ich gerade machen oder die in absehbarer zukunft starten

Udacity UD359: Intro to Data Science (ab 3. feb, 8w)

Udacity UD032: Data Wrangling with MongoDB (ab 26. feb, 8w)

Coursera: Data Analysis and Statistical Inference (ab 27. feb, 10w)

edX: The Analytics Edge (ab 4. märz, 11w)

Udacity UD651: Exploratory Data Analysis (ab 12. märz, 8w)

Google: Making Sense of Data (ab 18. märz, 2w)

Coursera: The Data Scientist’s Toolbox (ab 7. april, 4w)

Coursera: R Programming (ab 7. april, 4w)

Coursera: Getting and Cleaning Data (ab 7. april, 4w)

Coursera: Exploratory Data Analysis (ab 5. mai, 4w)

Coursera: Reproducible Research (ab 5. mai, 4w)

Coursera: Statistical Inference (ab 5. mai, 4w)


kurse, die ich – inkl. quizzes, aufgaben, exams, etc. – gemacht habe

Coursera: Model Thinking

Coursera: Gamification

Coursera: Networked Life

Coursera: Social Network Analysis

Coursera: Computing for Data Analysis

Coursera: Understanding Media by Understanding Google

Google: Power Searching with Google

Google: Mapping with Google

Udacity CS101: Introduction to Computer Science

Udacity CS212: Design of Computer Programs

Udacity CS253: Web Development

Udacity CS215: Algorithms

Udacity EP245: How to Build a Startup

Udacity ST101: Introduction to Statistics

Udacity ST095: Statistics, The Science of Decisions


kurse, die ich besucht und/oder beschnuppert, die ich aber nicht vollständig beendet habe

Coursera: Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Coursera: Algorithms: Design and Analysis 2

Coursera: Data Analysis

Coursera: Maps and the Geospatial Revolution

Coursera: Writing in the Sciences

edX: Introduction to Probability

edX: Introduction to Statistics

edX: Justice

edX: Science and Cooking

Futurelearn: Web science

Santa Fe Institute: Introduction to Complexity

Udacity CS256: Mobile Web Development

Udacity CS259: Software Debugging

Udacity CS313: Introduction to Theoretical Computer Science

Udacity UD617: Introduction to Hadoop and MapReduce