Coursera: Data Analysis

Data Analysis
Instructor: Jeff Leek, Johns Hopkins University
Status: gesampelt

Anmerkung: da hab ich leider den Start verpasst und es war recht schnell, ich habe dann aber den Nachfolger (die 9 teilige data science specialization) gemacht.

Course Syllabus

This course is an applied statistics course focusing on data analysis. The course will begin with an overview of how to organize, perform, and write-up data analyses. Then we will cover some of the most popular and widely used statistical methods like linear regression, principal components analysis, cross-validation, and p-values. Instead of focusing on mathematical details, the lectures will be designed to help you apply these techniques to real data using the R statistical programming language, interpret the results, and diagnose potential problems in your analysis. You will also have the opportunity to critique and assist your fellow classmates with their data analyses.