Coursera: Algorithms: Design and Analysis

Algorithms: Design and Analysis
Part 1
Instructor: Tim Roughgarden, Stanford University
Status: gesampelt


Anmerkung: hab ich gemacht, allerdings ohne den Quizzes, die waren leider etwas zu mathematisch. Tim Roughgarden ist zwar etwas highbrow, aber sehr gut, habe ich also vor, irgendwann zu machen.

Course Syllabus

Week 1: Introduction. Asymptotic analysis including big-oh notation. Divide-and-conquer algorithms for sorting, counting inversions, matrix multiplication, and closest pair.

Week 2: Running time analysis of divide-and-conquer algorithms. The master method. Introduction to randomized algorithms, with a probability review. QuickSort.

Week 3: More on randomized algorithms and probability. Computing the median in linear time. A randomized algorithm for the minimum graph cut problem.

Week 4: Graph primitives. Depth- and breadth-first search. Connected components in undirected graphs. Topological sort in directed acyclic graphs. Strongly connected components in directed graphs.

Week 5: Dijkstra’s shortest-path algorithm. Introduction to data structures. Heaps and applications.

Week 6: Further data structures. Hash tables and applications. Balanced binary search trees.