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'if you think you're too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito'


Half measures
eigentlich auch eine nützliche Unterscheidung von Seth Godin.

Seth Godin hat mit dem 'toasted' fast schon eine nützliche Unterscheidung: "Here's a little treat, something extra I did that wasn't necessary, for you, right now, here, I made this."

Enthusiasm and contempt are both self-fulfilling
Und schon wieder eine pragmatische Beobachtung von Godin: Enthusiasmus und Verachtung sind self-fulfilling prophecies.

Try before you buy
Seth Godin gleich mit zwei nützlichen Unterscheidungen: füllt man nach oder erforscht man? und maximiert man die Chance oder minimiert man das Risiko?

Mass production and mass media
"The internet, though, was not invented so marketers could run internet ads."

Measure what you care about
Seth Godin über falsche Metriken und Platzhalter.

How to get smaller
Dave Winer über die Notwendigkeit, insgesamt wieder etwas kleiner und langsamer zu werden.


The meritocracy trap
Seth Godin mit einer schönen Dekonstruktion der Trope Meritokratie im Valley.

Who let the air out of the balloon?
Seth Godin mit der sehr guten Frage, wer die Luft aus dem Balon gelassen hat.

Entwurf einer Theorie der Praxis
Seth Godin mit einer Art Minimaltheorie der Handlungsfähigkeit.

The fear of freedom
"We live in an extraordinary moment, with countless degrees of freedom. The instant and effortless connection to a billion people changes everything, but instead, we're paralyzed with fear."

On the Origin of Species
"Originality is local."

Biggest vs. best
Seth Godin über das Größte vs. das Beste.

Cracking the pottery
"I find that it's almost essential to fall in love with an idea to invest the time it takes to make it good and worth sharing. And then, the hard part: deleting that idea when it's just not what it could be."

Not even one note
"Instead, the restaurant makes the menu longer instead of figuring out how to make even one dish worth traveling across town for."

ReQuoting pt. 101 (The Insane In The Membrane Edition)
Unser Ich, das wir als das unmittelbarste und konkretest, nämlich als uns selbst, empfinden, ist - wenn man es etwas poetisch ausdrücken will - eine Fiktion, ein Traum eines Gehirns, von dem wir, die Fiktion, der Traum, nichts wissen können.


No one reads a comic strip because it's drawn well
"As creators, our pursuit of perfection might be misguided, particularly if it comes at the expense of the things that matter."

form follows fiction.

Memo to the modern COO
"Why is it so hard for organizations to understand what Tony did with customer service at Zappo's?"

ReQuoting pt. 91 (The Difficult Life Edition)
"the simplest thing cannot be made clear to the most intelligent man if he is firmly persuaded that he knows already, without a shadow of doubt, what is laid before him."

You should buy the book
"There are authors and actors who only show up when they have something to sell, who hit the road to briefly entertain us, pitch us and then leave. If you love their work, then by all means, buy it! But the frequent blogger is here for another reason."

"The challenge of communication isn't to never miscommunicate, it's to cut down the time between the interaction and the realization that the communication didn't get through."

If Everything Is A Threat, Then Nothing Is
Treffende Beobachtung von Techdirt: der Überfluss an Warnungen desensibilisiert.

das dilemma technologischer lösungen ist, dass sich die menschen um jede lösung herum in einem affentempo neue probleme bauen.

das grundproblem der welt ist, dass alle anderen partout nicht so tun, wie man es will.

Incoming Queue
"The person who sets your media/incoming queue owns your best work."

immer wieder faszinierend, dass hinter jeder app zumindest einer sitzt, der sich denkt 'genau das fehlt der welt'.

How to Create Your Reason
Umair Haque über Sinn (-findung)

Habit #7
"The thing is, every habit is changeable with effort."

Choose your customers first
"The yoga instructor, the corporate coach, the app developer--in every case, first figure out who you'd like to do business with, then go make something just for them."

The Great Instant
Umair Haque mit einem ausführlichen Rant gegen die Versnackung von Problemen und Ideen

Why do we care about football?
Seth Godin über die Bedingung der Möglichkeit der Entwicklungsgeschichte von American Football.

A diet for your mind
"Controlling what you eat is an interesting challenge, but not nearly as important as controlling how you think."

zeit ist kontingent.

Slow media
"In the age of "Breaking news, Emmy nominations announced!" and 140 characters, it's sort of surprising to realize that we are also living in the golden age of slow media."

Konzept des Tages: Institutive Imagination
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: Institutive Imagination (Institutions cannot prevent what they cannot imagine).

Ideal, average and outlier
Ideal, average and outlier von Seth Godin

The answer is clear.
Being clear about what we're doing and why is the first step in doing it better.


ReQuoting pt. 84 (The Product Edition)
Powazek via Techdirt über den 'wenn du nicht bezahlst bist du das Produkt' Kurzsinn.

The power of zero spend
"Rigidity is rarely your friend, but well understood boundaries make decision making a lot easier."

True professionals don't fear amateurs
"The best professionals love it when a passionate amateur shows up."

Most advice is bad advice...
"People mean well, especially friends and family, but they're going to give you bad advice."

Too simple
"The VC who allocates one minute to understand why your business will work has done everyone no favors. The blog reader who clicks away after a paragraph wasted his time visiting at all."

Seth Godin über die Dialektik das Caring.


Konzept des Tages: Anticipation vs. anxiety
Konzept des Tages: Anticipation vs. anxiety

Risse und Brüche
kusanowsky über den verlust der angst

Konzept des Tages: Proxy Trap
Konzept des Tages, eigentlich Konzept der Woche: False Proxy Trap

Lost Tweets 38
(was ich immer sinnloser empfinde, ist diese unterscheidung analog/digital; vl. noch für vertriebler und marketingler interessant, semiotisch aber völlig irrelevant)

Getting Ourselves Done
"There's never been a better opportunity to step up and make an impact, while we've got the chance."

A bias for trust
"Sure, there are people out there who will disappoint you. But expecting to be ripped off poisons all your interactions instead of saving you from a few dead ends."

The only purpose of 'customer service'
"The only purpose of 'customer service' is to change feelings. Not the facts, but the way your customer feels."

How to Let Your Purpose Find You
Umair Haque über den Purpose.

The beaten path
"Attention and trust are worth more than just about anything else, because they make it likely you have a chance to tell your story, which might resonate, which then leads to the beaten path. It's the last step, not the first.."

Redefining productivity
"Decide what you're going to do next, and then do it. Make good decisions about what's next and you thrive."

ReQuoting pt. 80 (The Cockroach Edition)
Intelligenz und harte Arbeit

Near Miss Squirrel
Das Squirrel als Metapher der Notwendigkeit von Unschärfe.

The curious imperative
Now that information is ubiquitous, the obligation changes. It's no longer okay to not know.

The wishing/doing gap
"If you can influence the outcome, do the work. If you can't influence the outcome, ignore the possibility. It's merely a distraction."

The simple power of one a day
Seth Godin über den Wert eines Tages.

The people who came before you
"People are never irrational. They often act on memories and pressures that you're unaware of, though."

verstehe recommendations nach 'ähnlichkeit' nicht. was man sich selbst denken kann, kann man sich eh selbst denken. wir bräuchten mehr unähnlichkeit.

weniger post und mehr avant

It could be one of two things
(I usually agree with him, but this is ridiculous)

Some advice on how to cope in these tough times
Netter Cartoon im Guardian.

Either, not both
"Stand out or fit in. Not all the time, and never at the same time, but it's always a choice."

Avoiding false metrics
Godin über Metriken und wie so oft mit dem Nagel auf den Punkt.

Dr. More
Seth Godin über die immer leicht verschobene Erlösung.

Dr. No
Seth Godin über das Nein.

It's easier to go faster now than it is to go faster later
"If you're in a race, race now, because early leads and early gains compound, and because coordination issues in bigger organizations always slow you down."

Is everyone entitled to their opinion?
Seth Godin über Meinung und Deinung.

Godin's Fort Da
Seth Godin über konzeptionelle mimicry.

Ashamed to not know
"The question, then, is how long before we will be ashamed at being uninformed, at spouting pseudoscience, at believing thin propaganda?"

Give it five minutes
Kein schlechter Tipp: 5 Minuten nachdenken.

Faux familiarity is worse than none at all
"But when you pretend to know me, you've already started our relationship with a lie."

idealerweise sind dinge zeitkapseln, die man sich selbst schickt. (ansonsten frozen social relationships, siehe sterling, usw.)


Lernen, unter Wasser zu atmen.
"Empathie-Schnittstellen können bis auf weiteres nur Menschen sein"

Leftovers 2011 (Insight Edition)
"Perhaps we need to spend less time learning new tools and more time using them."

Didn't get the joke
Seth Godin mit einer Art Basistheorie des Bloggens.

being online is hard work.

A great way to give thanks...
"For every person reading this there are a thousand people (literally a thousand) in underprivileged nations and situations that would love to have your slot. Don't waste it."

"selbstwahrnehmung als nice price."

There's nothing wrong with having a plan
"Plans are great. But missions are better. Missions survive when plans fail, and plans almost always fail."

respekt ist manchmal okay. aber abwägen ist abzus., absolutheit wird obsolet, und unsicherheit entfernt sich von selbst

"This is what always happens when something goes from scarce to surplus. First we bathe in it, then we waste it." http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2011/09...

The Shower of Data
"This is what always happens when something goes from scarce to surplus. First we bathe in it, then we waste it."

Is a Well-Lived Life Worth Anything?
Umair Haque sinniert über die Frage, was ein lebenswertes Leben ausmacht.

The Basium
Kevin Kelly mit einigen Basics für das Leben im Technium.

Economies of small
"Now that it's so much easier to produce a product in the small and market a product in the small, and now that it's so beneficial to offer a service to just a few, with focus and attention, perhaps we need to rethink the very goal of scale."

Dead Can Dance
Seth Godin über Post-Tote.

On pricing power
Godin über Pricing Power.


Problems and constraints
Wann ist was ein (lösbares) Problem und wann eine Einschränkung/Tatsache (um die man herumbauen muss)?

manchmal fühl ich mich wie der einzige irre unter lauter normalen.

Out of Sync
Seth Godin über Selbstsynchronisierung.

Subtlety, deconstructed
Godin über Subtilität.

The fear tax
Godin über die Fear Tax.

The Decision (Before the Decision Edition)
Godin über Entscheidungen vor den Entscheidungen.

Getting unstuck: solving the perfect problem
"The way to solve the perfect problem is to make it imperfect. Don't just bend one of the constraints, eliminate it."

As Machines May Think…
echovar über denkende Maschinen.

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