Eine weitere nicht nur pragmatisch nützliche Unterscheidung kommt schon wieder von Seth Godin und unterscheidet 2 Arten von Problemen: welche, die man mit Geld beheben kann, und andere, die sich nicht mit Geld beheben lassen.

The third, of course, are problems that appear that they can be solved with money, but can’t. They range from the mythical man-month to the relationship that uses resources as a false proxy for other things yet to be discussed. Culture, process and expectations are tempting targets, but the resources spent often make the problem worse in the long run.

If a problem can be fixed with money or other resources, and you can afford it, you should do so, quickly, efficiently and without breaking a sweat. For the other kind of problems, resist that shortcut and get to the heart of the matter instead.

(abt: draw the distinction!)